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Alex “psyll0n” Yakimov

Mar 9, 2023

Export Colors and Options / Tabs no longer works


The Export Colors and Options / Tabs functionality in this extension no longer works. Are you aware of this issue and do you plan on fixing it? Thanks.

Israel Cristiano

Nov 3, 2022

Fix only Import/Export function. Please!!!

Hello Dev.
I've been a user of the extension for many years. It's the only one that follows me on all devices. It's the best of all.
I only ask for one little thing. Fix only Import/Export function. Please!!!
It will be of great help.
Thanks for the amazing job.

Mike Wuetherick

Oct 31, 2022

new release broke all of the options

None of the settings pages load in whatever the latest release is

Also: please stop resetting all of the settings and re-adding all of the default buttons to the home page - this happens every few months it seems and I have to delete all of the garbage that gets added yet again.

This also deleted my custom css entries, which is super frustrating

Thierry Laval

Mar 12, 2022


Hi! Neither of the 2 options for exporting the configuration works. The one to import it works. Thanks

Amr Tharwat

Mar 3, 2022

Can't export anything!

Cannot export anything! like tiles/colors/options settings
the buttons acting like they not clickable, nothing happens.
when i open the console, the output of clicking the first export button :
"Cursor finalizado completamente con éxito". please fix because people upgrade their system sometimes with the need to import previous configuration.

Frenky B.

Jul 16, 2021


the tile list is not exported. how to be
i can't export config

Philip Atha

Mar 27, 2021

Custom Backgrounds Not Working

A few widgets aren't configurable enough like the clock, it keeps defaulting to 24hr time instead of 12hr. The worst offender though is that the background cannot be changed apart from the few defaults.

Mitzi Ban

Feb 13, 2021

i can't export config

i can't export config

Frenky B.

Jan 9, 2021

Please update!!!

Please update!!!

Mahmoud Audu

Sep 21, 2020

Export tiles not working


I just switched from awesome new tab (most of the tabs I used such as google got removed), I am loving this so far but I cannot use the export to save my tiles, I would hate to have to recreate it ( I have a lot saved), can you please help

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