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mizuki fujita

Apr 23, 2024

Not working in 2024.1

Hi Marcel,

The plugin has suddenly stopped working after 2024.1 upgrade.
Could you confirm the problem?


Mar 29, 2024

Not working in 2024.1

Hey Marcel,

The plugin has suddenly stopped working in the past few days. Could this possibly be due to an update to the plugin? I have tried reinstalling Google Chrome and the plugin, but the problem still hasn’t been resolved.

trevor oclaire

Mar 20, 2024

Not working for all accounts

Hey Marcel,

I hope all is well. The extensions seems to have stopped working for accounts recently updated to 2024.1. Do you have a fix coming soon?



Rafael Santamaria

Mar 4, 2024

Actualización 2024.1 no funciona

esta es la mejor o una de las mejores ext. que facilita el trabajo a los admin espero puedan actualizarla ya que dejo de funcionar luego del update 2024.1 (me acostumbre tanto a utilizarla que ahora se me hace complejo hacer cierta tareas de soporte) help please.

Vincent Jiang

Mar 1, 2024

Not working in 2024.1

its no longer working in 2024.1, could you please make an update?

Trevor O'Claire

Jun 21, 2023


Hey Marcel,

I am trying to right click into a checkbox on line level to see field ID but it will not come up. Does this work for checkboxes?


Trevor O'Claire


Sep 29, 2022

NetSuite Advanced Field Help

Hola Marcel, te comento que la extension que nos dejaste es genial pero se actualizo netsuite y dejo de funcionar me podrías ayudar si nos compartes la actualización para seguir disfrutando de esta herramienta que es genial.

Saludos cordiales

Dave Meadowcroft

Sep 15, 2022

2022.2 Custom Fields

Since 2022.2 Copy Field Id in View and Create/Edit modes and the entire Enter new value in Create/Edit modes no longer appear for custom fields. They do show for native fields however.

Nguyen Duc Huan / CITICOM

Sep 4, 2022

Please upgrade extension

Thanks team for your gradefull extension. But now it is not working in N2022.2
Kindly help us to upgrade your extension to support new version.
Thanks alot

Richie Brodsky

Aug 22, 2022

Not working in 2022.2

I love this app, but its no longer working in 2022.2

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