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Muhammad Aqeel Irshad

Apr 19, 2024

Not enabled for a long time.

Extension only works when I click listening and I get a debugger bar (Netify started debugging your browser.). Can I enable it as long as I want without that debugger bar?

Svetlana Trosko

Jul 18, 2022

Empty Netify tab

Hi Vlad!
I cannot see controls of the extension, since I have installed it on 17.07.2022
I updated Chome to the latest version and restarted it as well.
Still it's just an empty "Netify" tab in Dev tools.
Netify version 0.2.2
Env: Windows 10 Enterprise, Chrome Version 103.0.5060.114 (Official Build) (32-bit)

Bibi Ali

May 4, 2020

Status Code = 403 is not respected when using Local response

I am trying to fake a 403 error with my own response payload, I see netify returning the payload but not the status code 403. Instead it is returning either 200 (local response) or "Finished" when using (mutation)

Alex Medinsky

Apr 4, 2020


А есть документация по настройкам расширения?
Например, в поле Endpoint прддерживаются макросы, типа [query], но что конкретно там подставляется не понятно.
И можно ли допилить поддержку этих макросов в хедерах, типа:
Set headers: X-From: [query]

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