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Johnny Janx

Jun 23, 2024

Add Firefox support

When is it goign to be availabe on FIrefox?

Itzcoatl MArtinez

May 3, 2024

extension turned off at end of third episode

The extension work fine, but at the end of the third episode of a series it stop. It happend since today 03/05/2024


Apr 6, 2024

since recently

Extensions turned off from next episode.
Occurring on MS Edge, Chrome.

Joker's Ace

Mar 14, 2024

Mozilla Compatability

The functionality of this extension is by far and away my most preferred addition to netflix, but have made the move to mozilla firefox recently which doesnt have anything near as customizable as this app. If possible would love to see it ported/adapted to mozilla

Marius I.

Jan 1, 2024

Skip Recaps OFF doesn't work

Skip Intro=ON + Skip Recap=OFF.
The recaps are skipped over every time!
Please check the button's text before "pressing" it.
Not a new issue (happens to me for over 1y, latest Chrome on ChromeOS).

RΛVIΞ (Dimv922)

Oct 23, 2023

Extension for Netflix™ Firefox

Hello, what happened to this add on for firefox?

zahid shabbir

Oct 5, 2023

Status icon once hides

Status icon once hides then it doesn't come back unless if i remove and add it again and i lose all configurations.


Sep 28, 2023

Sound from other episodes plays

Im going through watching One Piece and every 20 minute mark on the episodes it will start playing, i think, the opening music of the next episode. pausing the video still plays that audio. it lasts about 10 seconds and nothing seems to stop it. it happens every single episode, every single time i launch chrome again, or restart my pc and try to watch it again. its very strange. i watched one episode without the extension on and it didnt happen.

Vince Wilson

May 25, 2023

doesn't work

not working, luckily i found one that work


May 18, 2023

Scrolling up/down is enabled even when you have the episode list pulled up

If you're watching a video on Netflix, and click the episode list to see other episodes, then scroll down or up to see more, it changes the volume down/up. Ideally volume control through scrolling should be disabled with the episode list pulled up. Thanks!

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