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Soraya Pierson

May 17, 2017

not working right now

mine was working for monthes but suddenly stopped working. On most of my "Good night shows " ( shows I watch to go to sleep ). I'll set the timer for about 1200 minutes 300 epiosdes or something along those lines, hit save and normally it will play throughout the night. However now it only plays three episodes before getting stuck on this loading screen of death. The loading screen is the same as if it were changing episodes, except the new episodes never starts ): Hopefully the app is updated and I can go back to enjoying it.

Simon Østrem

May 30, 2016

How about a pause feature?

I realise adding support for Linux/Mac sleep is unrealistic, but a slightly less intrusive, yet very helpful feature would be that it at least paused the video when it ran out of time. Regardless of the installed drivers, shouldn't be too hard with the html5 player at least.

I've not looked at the API for Chrome at all, but maybe it's possible to close the tab as well. Not sure if an extension could have access to that, but that would be a neat thing to include too.

Either of those features would make it very useful to me, but as it is, it's a nice countdown to nothing. Love the idea, though.

Evilnok Anok

Nov 26, 2015

shuts down

you need to remove this app from the list...NO one will install this if it's just going to shut someone's computer and you are actually abusing people and the site rules for uploading this so remove it and not create anymore if all your going to do is make apps that shut stuff down

Zeke Ortiz (SwampFox56)

Aug 4, 2015


Autoplay does not work. I keep getting the "Continue Watching ?" popup.

Evilnok Anok

Apr 18, 2015


remove this very very bad app...NO one will ever install this...esp when it's going to shut down computer

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