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Phi Tau Historian

Oct 11, 2019

needs an update

I believe this extension no longer works due to Google nixing the sync ability between photos and drive. I can't seem to get it to work for me at all.

Borut petkovšek

Feb 10, 2019

How do I use this?

Hello! I don't know, maybe I'm missing something completely obvious but I have no idea how it's supposed to work. I use the Folder/Album naming but nothing happens. Thank you for your response.

brian gilling

Jan 18, 2018

how do you use it

How do I activate/use this extension?

Michael Hall

Dec 26, 2017

blank screen

I'm also having this problem, any ideas?

A Chrome Web Store user

Oct 16, 2017

Page goes blank after couple of seconds

I'm having the same issue as the previous user. This extension would be truly incredible if the bug is fixed.

John C

Jul 12, 2017

Page blanks out after 2 seconds?

Hey Jereme,

GREAT program! I think the Google Photos Nested Folders extension could be awesome except I have ONE bug that's killing it for me...

When it's turned on, and I open up a folder, it shows the contents for 2 seconds and then the screen completely blanks out. If I hit Reload, it shows up for 2 seconds again and then blanks out again.

I've tried changing every option in your settings, but nothing seems to help. Can you please verify?

Thanks so much. There's NOTHING like your extension on the market. I really want to use it to get organized!!!

Thanks again,

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