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Plamen Donev

Jul 21, 2022

The search is not working

Typing in the search box does not filter out anything, no matter what I start writing.

kodo nosaki

Jul 17, 2022

Bookmarks by the Side, currently has a "nervous twitch" every few minutes..

Even when working in Opera's main window, Bookmarks by the Side's twitch or animated flip, expopses a dark area, is noticed and is distracting. Of course, while using the sidebar, the twitch, made by Bookmarks by the Side, is not productive.

Its layout, ease of use and the options provided, were the reason many years ago, that I chose Opera for Windows ,as my main browser. NO other browser provides me the hassel free browsing environment tnat I experience with Opera. Usually without any issue, Bookmarks by the Side, is exactly what I need to very easily manage my hundreds of bookmarks. Thank you!


Jul 10, 2022

Multiple Tabs Warning Still Happens

I got this to specifically turn off the "multiple tabs going to open" window, but it isn't working.

Юрий Шуляковский

May 12, 2022

Search problem

Search for bookmarks does not work for "exel"

Michael Drumheller

Mar 29, 2022

adjust tree-window size?

Hey, thank you for developing Neater Bookmarks! It's wonderful! You have help me, and many other people.

Just a suggestion: It would be nice if it was possible to make the window holding the tree longer/wider (generally resizable).

Thank you again.

Michael in Seattle

Greta Van Fleet

Jan 2, 2022


Hello. I've been using this great addon in Chome from years. It's awesome. But is there a plan to publish it for Firefox too?

Eddie Ortiz

Apr 25, 2021

Bookmarks selection.

One more second in the blue bookmark selection, please.

Marc Olander

Dec 16, 2020

Ability to edit width?

Seems like there's a lot of wasted space between the end of the bookmark name and the margin of the drop-down. Is there a way to give users the ability to alter the width of the drop-down or have it expand/shrink depending on the length of the longest bookmark?

first last

Dec 6, 2020

drop down size

My displayed list recently got shorter. I would have prefered longer than it was originally.
It flashes blank the original size then loda about half of the results with scroll.
I can drag it wider but not longer.

Vernon Bush

Dec 1, 2020

import bookmarks

How do I import bookmarks removed from "Neater Bookmarks" to another computer also having "Neater Bookmarks"? Thank you

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