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Aaron Oliver

Jan 21, 2019

A feature request and a possible bug

I like this extension. It's nice and compact and has a clean interface, and it mostly does exactly what I want.

Except it doesn't always open the popup that lets me select the level I want to go up to, despite having selected that option (I always want the popup).

The chrome web store is one example of a site where this happens. If I click NavigUp here, it automatically goes up a level instead of allowing me to select.

Another instance where this happens if when I encounter certain page loading errors, such as if a site is dead, or if I cannot establish a secure connection (due to me being on XP!). For example, this old dead site from my bookmarks causes NavigUp to automatically go up instead of producing the popup selection:

I know it seems like it would be moot to try and go up various levels on a dead site, but I may want to copy a certain address out of Chrome even if the site is dead, AND this is where my feature request comes in.

I would like the first option in the popup list to simply convert the current web address to http: instead of https: so that I can attempt to connect without using ssl (again, because WinXP can't handle every site properly using ssl). As it currently stands, only the last address in the popup list allows me to select http rather than https, but that requires me to go all the way up to the root domain instead of the current address. Some default https sites will still work in XP (which is limited to Chrome 49) by making that change.

So in short:
1. Make sure the popup always shows, even for dead sites or error URLs.
2. Make the first entry in the popup simply be switching from https to http at the current address (though I wouldn't complain if it was the last entry in the list either, if that would be less of an interference)

I'm not sure if or when you may check this, but thanks anyway for creating this extension.

Alexi Grigoriadis

Aug 17, 2016

Consider moving the icon

I just got the extension and its working great - but the screenshots on the Web Store show it going in the address field (where all of the text is), whereas on my Chrome it is appearing to the right of it. I would much prefer it to be in the address field - could you add an option for this? This way, it won't clutter up the bit to the right of the field.

A Chrome Web Store user

Dec 31, 2015

Code repository?

Would you be willing to put the code for NavigUp into a public repository like GitHub?

It's such a nice extension, but I'm always apprehensive when I see the warning "can read and change all your data on all the websites you visit"... I understand that those permissions may be required for NavigUp to do its job, but an alternate way of getting and auditing the code would help a lot.

If you've already done that, could you adjust the description to include the repository URL?


Carl Schell

Aug 13, 2013

Auto Nav Up on specified url

It would be a cool feature if you added the ability to define URLs where if you open that URL in a tab, it would automatically navigate up. In the options, you could have a place to define the specific url and also the action to perform.

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