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Go to parent address. Use Alt+Up (Shift = +1, Ctrl = +2 levels) or click the icon (many times = many levels).

Navigate to parent address. It means removing page anchor (#xxx), query string (?xxx), file or the last directory (/xxx), port number (:xxx), sub-domain (xxx.) or secure layer (https -> http), whichever is first found (preserving mentioned order). You can use the mouse and click NavigUp's icon (present on the right side of the address bar) or go with the keyboard and press one of the supported shortcuts. == Shortcuts == Use (Ctrl+)(Shift+)Alt+Up for it. Shift means going up one more level, Ctrl - additional two levels. Ctrl and Shift can be combined. If you click extension's icon (in the address bar) many times within one third of second, then you'll go up many levels at once. == Permissions == 1. "Access your data on all websites." (content script executed when URL matches "http://*/*", "https://*/*", "ftp://*/*") Content script is used only for catching keyboard shortcuts (commands API doesn't support Ctrl+Alt combinations) and setting up a popup (if it is turned on). 2. "Access your tabs and browsing activity." ("tabs" permission) "tabs" permission is a broad one, but it is used only for accessing or modifying particular tab's URL within background page. == File scheme == If you install NavigUp from Chrome Web Store, then it's not supported. However, some users browse occasionally local file system using Chrome to load some files. NavigUp is also very useful in this case, but setting content script to match also file: addresses gives you following message during installation: "This extension will have full access to your computer and private data." File scheme is supported only in the version hosted at my website. == Changed name == Older version of this extension was called "GoUp". I came up with this name and I liked it, because it was the simplest self-explanatory title. I published the extension in November 2009 on my site and Back then, as a Uppity user, I wasn't aware of the another Firefox add-on doing same job. That add-on is called Go Up. I don't like reusing already existing names, especially by similar projects, so decision about renaming was obvious solution for this unpleasant situation. Later I also found out, that a few weeks after my announcement of GoUp, Christophe Benz created (according to his GitHub repository first commit was authored on December 11, 2009) "Go Up" extension (notice the space between Go and Up, so it’s the exact name of existing Firefox add-on). Thus I was even more convinced that changing name was the right thing. == License == Extension's code is licensed under Affero GPL v3. Icon is licensed under GPL v2. == Credits == Icon is done by Marco Tessarotto and it's part of Ultimate Gnome icon theme.

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Jayden KimOct 9, 2020

Does not work. This thing made me banned from a site

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Przemysław PawełczykDeveloperDec 5, 2020

Could you provide more details? What site banned you? After installing NavigUp, it only works on new tabs, tabs existing before installation won't be supported without refreshing them (or restarting whole browser). It's hard to comment about your ban, maybe the site was using URLs where only full paths were accessible, and repeatedly trying to access higher directories/levels could trigger some alarm in site's backend and flag your account. It's only guessing, hard to tell without knowing more about your use case. NavigUp on its own doesn't do anything malicious.

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RodneyFeb 9, 2018

Does not work as described. I want it to remove a query string. Instead it's removing the string and going up three levels.

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Przemysław PawełczykDeveloperMar 21, 2018

Could you provide more details to allow me to fix the issue if it's really there? Mind that some servers may be configured to redirect you to completely different page when you try to access some resources (without needed query string or even always). That may be the reason why going up only one level actually looks like going up more levels.

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NW SocialApr 28, 2014

Well it works for me - I've used it for years

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Przemysław PawełczykDeveloperJan 28, 2024

Thank you. It has been almost 10 years since your positive review, which is somehow the only positive written review in English in chrome web store for NavigUp (as seen in January 2024). Every time people complained here I tried to reach them so that I could triage their issues and help, but there was no response, unfortunately. I'm responding to let you and others know that I plan to update NavigUp this year, basically moving to so called Manifest V3, hopefully before users will be hit by "Manifest V2 support timeline" (having extension automatically disabled at some point). On top of that, one other change will be removing support for degrading from HTTPS to HTTP, which should not be needed in this day and age and may be even considered harmful.


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