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Tavis Bibby

Feb 4, 2024

PDF Dark Mode

There should be an option to have a PDF Dark mode.
I've been using a bookmark sometimes a user script extension to enable it for a while, but it should be an option with the already dark mode. The code below is what I used not mine found years ago either stackoverflow or reddit.

For anyone who wants to use it and how I use it make a bookmark, name it anything, put the code into the URL textbox and use the bookmark to toggle the dark mode. Natural Reader has to be light mode for the script to work, which is the downside to it, but an official option would implement it better.

javascript:(function(){var cover=document.createElement("div");let css="position: fixed;\npointer-events: none;\ntop: 0;\nleft: 0;\nwidth: 100vw;\nheight: 100vh;\nbackground-color: white;\nmix-blend-mode: difference;\nz-index: 1;";cover.setAttribute("style", css);document.body.appendChild(cover);})();


Dec 31, 2023

Pause or stop payment

I have tried to pause or even stop this app from doing the auto pay and I can't stop it. I currently am not using the app and feel that I should have t6he option to stop it from charging me but I can't seem to do it, can you help me?


Dec 4, 2023

Control panel (play button, etc) doesn't appear unless extension icon clicked twice

When trying to get the extension to read webpages, I have to click on the extension icon in the toolbar twice (2x) to to get the control panel (the play button, etc) as it doesn't appear after the first click. Could something please be done about this?

Sharney Wilks

Nov 3, 2023


I'm reading a book from my kindle and it stop working and I can't use it. I need it fix ASAP!


Nov 1, 2023

It's not reading sites

When I click on the reader it opens but won't read any site. It starts to, highlights the line, says nothing, and stops. I logged out of the app and back in using the web interface and that hasn't helped. I tried this on multiple profiles and that didn't help. I looked in the extension permissions and cannot find anything to help. I tried using it on a different machine and it worked well. Any ideas?

Sebastien Boelpaep

Aug 31, 2023

Video of problems loading new speech, extension doesn't respond anymore

Here is a video link where you can see that all the chrome integratin of natural reader are not responding correctly anymore after one or more requests:

Can you please fix this, because I can't work this way, the chrome extension is the most used of your applications, i'm a paid customer:

You will also note that it has some strange behavior (pronounciations) during speech.

Sebastien Boelpaep

Aug 31, 2023

Problems with speech generation (newlines and dots) are not resulting in a small pause during speech.

I found another bug in chrome extension regarding to the reading behavior.
When sentences are not terminated with a dot, it reads the second line as one line without taking a pause.
The strange thing is that in the online version of the natural reader it knows that "new line" characters should be interpreted as pauses. The text below also demonstrates that the dots in the text are also not interpreted as a space during speech, which makes it diffucult to follow.

For example this text which is multiple choices for an exam question:
An oral statement from the auditee
B.The results of a test performed by an external IS auditor
C.An internally generated computer accounting report
D.A confirmation letter received from an outside source

Maureen R

Aug 17, 2023


When I went to install this extension it came up that this app can "Read and change all (my) data"?!

Did I read that correctly?!!

Paul Sandyck

Jul 8, 2023

Natural Reader Chrome extension and Android phone?

Will the Natural Reader Chrome extension work on an Android phone?
If yes, how to install it?


Jun 21, 2023

highlight text

is there an option to highlight the text that currently read because i like to read and listen

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