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Mel Pullen

Aug 18, 2021

no onscreen display.

Hi, I have an HP Chromebook 11a. It has an ARM processor in it (not an Intel processor).

It won't display the video it is recording, but it does save the video.

On another point, if I plug in an external webcam, it can't see that. But that's probably not your problem.

Nice, simple app.

Adanna Constantine

Jun 16, 2020

Resolution unsupported

Good day
I tried using the recorder app and unfortunately none of the resolutions are supported. Kindly advise.



Lavelle “Dafox” Hernandez

Jun 7, 2019

Find video on chromebook

Where Can I find video I recorded? I pressed stop and it stopped and started again and I had to press stop again. I need that first video, it is super important.

A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 23, 2019

Black Screen

It's just a black screen98

Mike Van Slambrouck

May 24, 2018

save button does not work

the save button is not working

A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 26, 2018

Save button

The save button has stopped working on my students chromebooks. We used to be able to save but no longer can! Help

A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 25, 2018


como se guardan los videos

A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 23, 2018


my videos do not save

A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 18, 2018

video will not save

I tried to save my videos and guess what? It didn't work! please do something about this!

Douglas Monical

Apr 15, 2018

no longer saves videos

no longer saves videos, was working fine last year now worthless

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