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Suttipong Sukijthamapan

Apr 17, 2024

The Native HLS Playback does not work

I install the Native HLS Playback extension on Chrome, and then load the .m3u8 file below. There is no video has been play.

IIS webserver is running and functioning on Window 11.

URL=http://localhost/hls/index.m3u8........................Does not work. There is no video play on screen

Any idea what cause the problem?????

This is the index.m3u8 file.

Those files are save in c:\Inetput\wwwroot\hls\

URL=http://localhost/hls/bigb_480_sec_1.mp4........................Work. I can see video is playing on screen

Eric Z

Jan 8, 2024

Please update to latest hlsjs

Could you please update "Native HLS Playback" with the latest HLS.js (currently v1.4.14)?
Thank you.

Viper V

Jan 12, 2023

multiple audio tracks

can't find button to change audio track :(
how i can choose audio track if there are many of them in HLS stream?

Mya Phương Ngân

Jul 5, 2021

I can not see the screen.

I can not see the screen.
There is only sound.

Bujhm Пчелинцев

May 1, 2021

Good day. Why doesn't it let you watch the recording, how can this be fixed?

Good day. Why doesn't it let you watch the recording, how can this be fixed?

anand verma

Apr 27, 2021

live stream on hotstar ipl

can i watch hotstar match more then 5 mins

Fred Cher

Jun 24, 2020

probleme identifiant

Bonjour quand je sélection un lien pour une vidéo a distance , il me demande le l'identifiant et mot de passe mais quand je veux rentrer les information la fenêtre disparaît et je n'ai pas le temps de rentrer les information
que faire ?

Sew Bubbe

Jun 2, 2020

Unable to install

When I attempt to install into Opera (v68), I get the error message:
Extension installation failed. Package is invalid: 'CRX_FILE_NOT_READABLE'.

I have the Install Chrome Extensions v 2.5.9 and confirmed there are no further updates.

Have looked on the internet, but I don't see any obvious solutions. Everyone seems to think the solution is to load the CRX file directly after enabling developer mode. That doesn't help when the file is coming from the Chrome Web Store and turning on developer mode didn't solve the error either. Do you have any suggestions?

Gustavo Bavera Guirland

Feb 21, 2020

an quitado canales en la opcion OTROS

alguien save x an quitqdo los canales de futbol bein spn etc.

Mihir Shroff

Jan 14, 2020

Audio only playback


Does the player support audio only hls streams?

Thanks !

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