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Ali Hamxa

Feb 19, 2023

Please make extension phone for Microsoft Edge

Please make extension phone for Microsoft Edge


Sep 13, 2022




Aug 24, 2022

Font file required

I want to use this font in my website. Kindly share a link to download this font for website use.

Haroon Riaz

Feb 25, 2022

كیا اردو میں ٹائپ كیے گئے فارم كو نستعلیق فونٹ میں پرنٹ كیا جاسكتا ہے ؟

السلام علیكم سر !
میں اردو میں لكھے گئے فارم كو نستعلیق فونٹ میں پرنٹ كرنا چاہتا ہوں۔
اگر كوئی طریقہ ہے تو پلیز بتا دیں۔
شكریہ ۔ جزاك اللہ


Nov 12, 2021


یوٹیوب کو بھی شامل کرلیں، پلیز

Muhammad Usman

Aug 16, 2020

Urdu Font for Facebook

Hi Dear,

Its not working for Facebook or any other website. only works for Google notes but there is also a problem, the Urdu text is not clear some words have issues. I will share more details of needed.
Chrome version : Version 84.0.4147.125 (Official Build) (64-bit)
OS version: Windows 10

Muhammad Usman

Muhammad Sanjar Afaq

Jul 15, 2020

Right to left for <code> elements

The extension is good, but has some issues:
1. <code> elements are not translated(which is correct), but text flow is altered from right to left. Please make the specific change.
2. It is impossible to copy non-Urdu text once the extension has been applied.

If the project open source, please email me the repo link. I'd like to contribute.

Javeria Iqtidar

May 20, 2020

Support for goodreads

Hi, can you please add support for in the near future?

Shah Alam

Apr 20, 2020

Copy & Paste

Dear Mr Waqas,
The extension works perfectly well. I do have a question though. After typing a text in "Nastaleeq" using the extension keyboard, if I copy and the paste it in Gmail, Twitter or elsewhere, the text converts back to the Arabic script. Any idea of how to get around that? Thanks

Sohni Digest

Apr 19, 2020

line height customized settings...

its an excellent light weight extension ... but line space (line height) is a little too high, especially when increase page font size OR zoom level... how can we manually adjust its line height ... customize it ?

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