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Guillermo Sanchez

Jan 13, 2024

no recuerdo mi contraseña

no recuerdo mi contraseña y no puedo iniciar sesion


Mar 24, 2023



John Kent

Feb 10, 2023

Chrome extention not showing captchas

After the most recent chrome update the extension that displays captchas has failed to show a captcha for all of the sites that I have tried to use. For a brief second the captcha page flashes then immediately transitions to a green page with white text and no captcha.

Russ Michaels

Feb 8, 2023

constant prompt

I am constantly getting a popup telling me to install the chrome extension, but I already have it installed?


Oct 4, 2022

Data Collection

Been using JDownloader for a long time. For the first time today came up against a CAPTCHA that requires this extension. Looked at the specifications and the Web Store says that this extension collects identifying userdata such as name/email/address/ect., but also passwords. The problem though is that the Web Store is typically overly vague with what it means by these sorts of things. Some apps really will collect that sort of information, where others only use one aspect such as password, but only ones that are approved by the user for use with the extension. I was hoping for more information concerning the type of data that is collected (and for what purpose) by the extension before installing it as JDownloader2 proper does not do anything of the sort to my knowledge (with the exception of passwords that I can independently choose to share with it in order to access downloads from certain websites). Thank you for your assistance.

Marcus von Quettingheim

Jun 13, 2022

Erweiterung soll immer wieder neu installiert werden

Ich werde immer wieder aufs neue dazu aufgefordert die Erweiterung zu installieren obwohl sie bereits installiert ist und auch automatisch Aktualisiert wird, anfangs war es immer nur bei der ersten Nutzung am Tag inzwischen werde ich allerdings bei (fast) jeder Nutzung dazu aufgefordert, dadurch werden die Capcha auch nicht Automatisch gelöst so dass die Erweiterung auch irgendwie nutzlos geworden ist

Alfons Verwimp

May 14, 2022

Connective Browser Package

Ik zie niet in hoe men deze "Package" kan installeren

Hebert Bernardo

Mar 13, 2022

Extension is not working. Being logged out after chrome is closed.

Extension is not working. Being logged out after chrome is closed.

I had already try to reinstall. To no avail. Every time I reboot my PC ot close Chrome it keeps asking for my credentials.

Can you please, fix that?

gery rudgery

Mar 4, 2022


même problèmes décrit ici plus bas

gery rudgery

Mar 1, 2022

ne fonctionne plus avec uptobox seulement
depuis deux jours " this file is temporaly unaviable please ready later (
c'est le message qui vient continellement

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