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Oct 19, 2023


Hola Denis, estoy intentando comprar la versión completa por 3.50 USD, ¿este código me sirve para todos los navegadores? ¿Recibes pagos por Bancolombia?

Flavio Annuzzi (Thefly76)

Oct 15, 2023

activation code - no more valid after the reinstallation of the extension

I have reinstalled the extension on chrome and now seems that activation code is not working anymore. Can you please send me a new one or reactivate it ?

Andrew Cottam

Oct 14, 2023


Hi, how can i pay for full access. Thanks

Richard Whited

Jul 30, 2023

Foscam cameras

I replaced my Netgear D7000 with a new Netgear Nighthawk AX11000 (RAXE500) and now MyIPCam does not work.

Please help


Mar 27, 2023

HTTPS Support

Is it possible add support https:// for the Cam address ?


Dec 14, 2022


User of this item.
Google's display is strange.
1.Image search results
2. Location information timeline

Johannes Urich

Dec 2, 2022

Reolink RLC-523WA

Hallo. Ich habe Problemen Reolink RLC-523WA Kamera mit MyIPCam App verbinden. Kommt so eine Fehler raus: " Response is received but no MJPEG: incorrect Content-Type. Try manual settings". Bitte helfen Sie mir. Danke im Voraus.


Jun 12, 2022

IPC-D53Y0701 Megapixel IP Camera - configuration PTZ

j'ai installé une camera IPC-D53Y0701 de Megapixel IP Camera
l'application fonctionne très bien sauf pour le PTZ :
- aucune préselection ne fonctionne
- je veux bien passer en manuel, mais je ne sais pas les codes à entrer
c'est quelque chose comme
sauf qu'il ne reconnait pas cgi-bin
Bien entendu, j'ai cherché partout et je n'ai rien trouvé qui fonctionne.
Merci par avance pour votre réponse
Bien cordialement, du Sud de la France.

Rick Deckard

May 18, 2022

NVR configuration

Hi, thanks for the great plugin. It works great but I was wondering if it's possible to access a specific channel from my NVR?

Kyle a

May 6, 2022

i cant get a live feed only still shots of my Ip cam..

im new to this app. perhaps i dont know what im doing. but i was able to get my ip cam to connect but only in a still frame that i have to refresh the feed to get an updated image.. i tried MJPEG but i have no clue how to make that work nor RTMP video... if im able to get a live feed id prefer this as im using this as my front door security cam

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