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Marius BongartsMay 4, 2024

Works perfectly and is really easy to use!

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Jab languadoApr 27, 2024

I like the eggs you've hidden in the additional options page. Easy to set up, easy to use. For anyone else reading - I had to reload the page for the first hotkey I made to become functional. I enjoy the styling you've used, adding box-shadow on hover (in your additional options page). I like that the menu is draggable, it started in a spot with some of the elements covered by other elements on the page I was on, and dragging was convenient! I took a look -- The z-index of yours was not h... Show more

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Prakashh TechnologiesDeveloperApr 28, 2024

Hey Jab, Thanks a lot for giving such an elaborated feedback. I am glad to know that you like the UI, UX and functionality of My Web Shortcuts. I'll look into the z-index of the element selector, thanks for providing all the info. I hope the upcoming features make your experience much better! Thanks for your time, Take care <3

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Sonny MaximoffApr 22, 2024

Great, can you please add an option to disable the notification if element was not found? or show it somewhere on the page, not a chrome notification where you have to press enter obligatory

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Prakashh TechnologiesDeveloperApr 23, 2024

Hey Sonny, I agree that the alert box that comes when the element isn't found is annoying. So I have already planned to make it an in-website notification like you receive message notifications on the side, and an option to disable those notifications. Those notifications inside the website will be gone automatically in very few seconds (they will stay for just enough time you would need to read the message). Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback! Take care <3

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PatrickApr 6, 2024

Top notch in terms of overall Quality!

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Prakashh TechnologiesDeveloperApr 6, 2024

Felt great to read this Patrick ^ ^ If you would like to share more insights I would be glad to connect with you on Twitter (@mywebshortcuts) or mail (, just send a message & I'll reply back. Thanks a lot for taking the time to share your message Take care <3

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Palo MeloMar 28, 2024

Really great that someone did an extension like this, I was searching it for years. Would be very great if it were possible to recognize other extension panels and interfaces if it's not impossible. it doesn't identify them, but only the webpage elements

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Prakashh TechnologiesDeveloperMar 29, 2024

Hey Palo, Glad to know you finally discovered the tool you needed for years :) The thing with other extensions' interfaces is that, browser doesn't allow us to access other extension's stuff without the explicit permissions from both ends. If you want to create shortcuts inside an extensions Popup or the Options page, I'm sad to tell you that it isn't possible :( In case of interfaces that open up inside other websites (just like in this extension), it is also not possible to set a permanent shortcut for elements inside them. It's unfortunate but we can't do anything, it has to do with how browsers work under the hood. If you want to have your own keyboard shortcuts for some actions done by extensions, you can go to chrome://extensions/shortcuts (if you use a Chromium based browser, like Chrome, Brave, etc.), find your extension and check you can set shortcut for any of their actions. I hope I could help you with this, for any more queries or support you can reach out to me on these places: - DM @mywebshortcuts on Twitter or - join our discord: Thanks for taking the time to review, Take care <3

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Nebay LowesMar 10, 2024

Tried in many sites, most of them works but unfortunately only few works on google and youtube, it could register the element aside with the location of element to identify better, also can you allow enter/return as the shortcut?

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Prakashh TechnologiesDeveloperMar 10, 2024

Hey Nebay, Thanks for the feedback! You're right, it only saves the location of the element and therefore if that changes, it stops working. I'll make sure to find more ways to remember the element so that it can find the element even after its position changes. Regarding the Enter Key as a shortcut, it will soon support key binding shortcuts and more keys that are not currently allowed, for example, Arrow Keys, the Enter key as you said, etc. I hope this tool is useful to you & that future updates make it much better for your use case, you'll know when they come. If you have more queries or need help, you can - DM @mywebshortcuts on Twitter or - join our discord: Thanks for taking the time to review, Take care <3

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AndiMar 4, 2024

Can't wait for more features. Really nice extension! Triggering multiple click with one hotkey is definitely also on my list. If the focus is inside an iFrame it seems to be trapped in there. Also it can't select anything from within the iFrame. That is a problem in my particular usecase.

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Prakashh TechnologiesDeveloperMar 4, 2024

And... Andi's requesting it too! Multiple elements feature needs to be implement in the very next update 😅 The iFrame thing you said, it will happen as iFrame is basically another website inside a website, when you focus inside it then your context is that iframe website and not the main one. But I guess it can be solved, so hopefully in the next update you will be able access the main website's shortcut even if you're focused in an iFrame. I'm unsure however about why it isn't able to select anything within the iFrame, need to look at it. If you could share more info about your problem regarding iFrame, that would be great, as it'll help me understand the thing in a much better way. Contact me on any of the provided links :) - Mail: - Twitter DM: @mywebshortcuts or @prakashhtech - Message on Discord: Thanks for your time & Take care of yourself ❤️

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Arty PoberFeb 26, 2024

Cool extension although I don't understand why my shortcut doesn't work with command + letter hotkey, only work with letter hotkey, why it has to limit only to single letter hotkeys? Please give the freedom of choosing a shortcut with command, option or control hotkeys. i think it doesn't even memorize the hotkeys but the output of keys, cause it only shows one letter or one digit.

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Prakashh TechnologiesDeveloperFeb 26, 2024

Hey Arty, I'm really sorry that you got so confused with this tool. I understand that by keyboard shortcuts we usually think of those keybindings like "CTRL/Command + something", "ALT + something", but in this extension, at least in this early version, it only accepts "ONE KEY SHORTCUT", that means you can select any character key as the shortcut, from a-z, A-Z, 0-9, any punctuation, and that alone has so many possibilities that I didn't consider adding the option to select keybindings. I want to inform you that this feature has been requested by many other folks too, so don't worry, IT WILL BE ADDED in the upcoming versions for sure! :) > "it doesn't even memorize the hotkeys but the output of keys, cause it only shows one letter or one digit" I'm a bit confused, I guess you're talking about the same thing? Yes it shows one letter or digit because you can only select one character key as the shortcut. If you want to suggest something else, or take some help in using this tool or have some other queries, PLEASE contact us through the following means as we can't talk in this review section :') - Mail us at - DM us on Twitter @mywebshortcuts or @prakashhtech - Join our Discord server and message there: Thanks for your time, Take care <3

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Pietro AccorsiFeb 17, 2024

I have another extension that uses the same keys for the shortcuts on pages with video, but it seems that extension even when there are no videos, hope My Web Shortcuts could override that extensions keys when I'm not in a video page, and execute the shortcuts. Or maybe it depends on chrome?

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Prakashh TechnologiesDeveloperFeb 18, 2024

Hey Pietro, Shortcuts conflicting is quite an issue, if other extension is also using the same keys for doing something, you might not be able to do what you want. I would need to understand your problem better in order to help you, so please either join our Discord server and write your problem descriptively there, or write us a mail. I'll try to help you with that. Discord: Mail: Thanks for your time, take care <3

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Daniel EberiniFeb 7, 2024

Someone did it and I finally found it! thank you for creating this extension!! I read the other reviews and yes, it makes sense to have a feature to use the same keys for multiple shortcuts or a single shortcut that can click multiple element, since sometimes it says that it can't find the element even it should. Also can you add a feature to automatically click the element once the page is loaded and where one shortcut can click different elements in a sequential order? What is focus?

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Prakashh TechnologiesDeveloperFeb 7, 2024

Hey Daniel, glad to know this tool solves your problem and helps you :) > "a single shortcut that can click multiple element" - Yes that's a very important feature which is planned already so don't worry I'll be working on it and launch a new update soon. > "a feature to automatically click the element once the page is loaded" - Oh yeah I also thought about this feature recently and have added it in the features list page, check it out: > "one shortcut can click different elements in a sequential order" - Same with this one, planned already and will be implemented in the next update possibly. > What is focus? - Focus is like highlighting an element and directing user's attention to an Element. An element is focused when it's clicked or by using tab keys. So like if you're typing, the input box is focused, or when you click on a button it is focused and then clicked but of course buttons often do something and the focus is removed immediately. You can press Tab key in a website and observe what focusing an element looks like, you can use it to focus the elements one by one (Shift + Tab to go in reverse), and then you can press Enter or Space key to click on the focused element, an accessibility feature. Okay but where is it useful in the extension? For Input elements! Places where you write, if you try selecting those elements, for example the search bar in YouTube, and set the Action to Click, it won't work (usually), so you need to set the action to focus instead as then it will "Focus" that input so that you can type. Same goes for any other input like the text input in ChatGPT, or any other search bar, etc. Now many major websites these days like YouTube & Google Search already have a shortcut for that which is forward slash "/", but still there are many places where you would need to set one yourself. (Or maybe you don't like the forward slash on YouTube and create a different shortcut key, you know, customizing your browsing experience ;) I hope this answers your question and provides enough information :) Thanks for your time & Take care <3

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