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Dalhia LP

Jan 21, 2020


ma meteo mon extantion ne fonctionne pas la leteo les parge napparait pas merci

Keith T

Nov 25, 2015

Does not work with Zoom

If Chrome's zoom is set to anything other than 100% My Weather's pop-up page has formatting errors. The right column of numbers extends off the page and you need to scroll.

Very large fonts are used. One solution would be to use smaller fonts, which would make sense. If someone has selected a zoom of 100% they don't need such big fonts. If someone has selected 150% they want bigger fonts, but they shouldn't overflow off the web page.

Paul DeGagne'

May 27, 2014

MyWeather - not updating

This stopped working - it no longer updates. The last update was May 01, 2014....

A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 31, 2014

where is it ????

OK... so I downloaded this to my chromebook only that I can`t find it anywhere !!!!
It shows as "Added to Chrome" but where is it ???


Feb 5, 2014

Empty data boxes.

When I open this app it shows boxes under the headings, but the boxes are empty of any content. Do I need to assign it a location? If so, how is it done, please?


Guy Tremblay

Jan 23, 2014

Meteo Canada

apparaît dans mes extentions, mais pas dans ma barre en haut !

Merci !

Sridharan R Ramanuja Dasan

Nov 19, 2013

Not working

I added the extension but it is not working.
It only shows a ?.
Repeated clicking doesnot help.
Deleted and added the application.Still it is not working.
Please resolve ASAP>

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