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Aug 27, 2023

(it can) disclaimer

Why does this extension have the ability to read and change data on websites?

Joshua Ronen

Feb 18, 2023

forgot password

what do I do if I forgot the password?

ivy, Seoyeon Kim

Feb 9, 2022

사용법 문의 입니다.

구글 드라이브와 동기한 것은 어떻게 해제하죠?
어제 기록한 내용을 어디에서 찾죠?


Sep 1, 2021

password forgot

what do i do if i forgot my password??

K. Williams

Mar 13, 2021

Sync with GDrive

I clicked the Option to Sync with GDrive, but the button just kept showing the spinning circle and wouldn't stop to indicate the action was done. What should I do?

K. Williams

Mar 13, 2021


Is it possible to set up My Secret Diary to sync between devices?
Does this have something to do with storing My Secret Diary in my Google Drive?

K. Williams

Mar 13, 2021


How do I do a search of the contents?

Suzanne Mariottini

Jan 4, 2021

Cannot open

I loaded this and now I cannot open it. I set a password and its on my toolbar. I click on sin in and nothing happens. I turned off Addblock Plus and it still does not open.

Wan Wan

Apr 14, 2020

where's the file in Gdrive?

i don't see the file in Google drive after i uploaded?

Maria ines Firan

Mar 22, 2020

sunt fericita

nu am probleme

Google apps