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Pratik Patel

Jun 6, 2023

More Photos

Can we have more photos ? or ability to upload our photos ?

Divya Parivar

Mar 7, 2022

Ability to toggle digitally enhanced images


Firstly, great plugin. I've had it installed for years. I really enjoy the recent updated of Satsang Diksha shlokas and focus on Pramukh Swami Maharaj images. It looks like the images have been digitally enhanced? I honestly do not like the feel of the images that are enhanced. Perhaps you had to do it for resolution purposes or something, but I would really appreciate if there was a way to toggle it so it would show the authentic picture that it isn't enhanced. Or if you just didn't digitally enhance them at all. Bapa always looks great in his original authentic form! And every blemish or wrinkle is actually an impression in our mind for smruti.


Prashant Rao

Feb 18, 2022

User Changeable Features

Fantastic Application, tthank you so much!

Some suggestions:
- Allow user to input quotes into the quote bank (Can include Satsang Diksha etc.) Potentially link to anirdesh and can pick what to show?

- Allow user to upload own images to use

- Allow user to change links at the top to custom links (Drive, Dropbox etc.)

Thank you so much,.

Jay Patel

Jul 10, 2019

Photos Location


I was wondering where you get your pictures from that are updated daily?

ap detroja

Feb 21, 2019

BAPS nirnay

Please make for BAPS nirnay, so we can see Ekadashi/Poonam and get notification in chrome.

kuldip patel

Oct 24, 2017

to change homepage image

i dont know how to change image of our homepage kindly give me directions... jay swaminarayan

Aashil Patel

Sep 11, 2017

home page

hey my home page just stoped working

Brahma Dasaha

Jul 9, 2017

Countdown to My Region

I live in Houston. I was wondering if the countdown to my region can be reset to count August 10 (which is the day he arrives in SW) instead of August 20.

Devang Patel

Jan 21, 2015

extension download

when i click the free button it says checking than it fails and tells me to reload or close

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