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Miguel Sánchez-Marco

Jul 20, 2022

Descarga de app

La App Genoom o arbol genealogico familiar, cerró hace casi un año pero dieron un enlace para no perder todos los datos que allí se encontraban, yo descargué este enlace pero nunca lo volví a encontrar, alguna idea?

Alea Anderson-Hurley

May 3, 2022

this was added to my computer remotely???? Strange it was not done by me the owner of the computer ?? Is this normal?? aaaauuuggghh! please maybe you are able to help fill in the gap! thank you so much!!!!alea anderson

Hi there Im alea, been having issues with all of my devices. metro told me quite a long time ago im hacked. idk what the deal is but this was on my computer today when i opened it. can you please help me understand why ?

Natures Replies

Jan 20, 2022

My Downloads

I have downloaded this but cant find it on my Mac? Any ideas where I went wrong?

Bill Barrett

Aug 22, 2021


I am not the most technical person so I don't quite understand how to find some of my downloads. Could you tell to find all these ext. address or what ever? I can't seem to follow you explained it.

Thank you:
Bill Barrett


Sep 25, 2020

no encuentro las descargas

no encuentro mis descargas me puede ayudar alguien porfa

Diego Angulo

Aug 29, 2020


no puedo mirar donde estan mis descargas y ya descargue esa cosa

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