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Store all your favorite recipes in one place! My CookBook is a recipe manager with search and import features. My CookBook lets…

Store all your favorite recipes in one place! My CookBook is a recipe manager with search and import features. My CookBook lets you create your own digital cookbook. Build your own recipe database by gathering recipes on the web and using the import features. It is you and your own cookery! You are looking for a new recipe ? Use our searching engine to find a new recipe on the web. When you have found one you like, import it into My CookBook. Then you will be able to view it everywhere on your phone or your tablet. You can add your own photo, change ingredients or directions, or add you own comments You already have a cookbook ? Add a new recipe into My CookBook manually, or import your digital cookbook using one of the file formats we support like Meal Master (.mmf), MasterCook (.mxp), LivingCookBook (.fdx) , ReKconv (.rk)... You want to share some recipes with your friends ? Invite your friends to join My CookBook, share your recipes with them and view their recipes. Or share your recipes on Facebook or by email, sms, and others. You can also send them a “My CookBook” file they will be able to load into their app My CookBook also includes these features : • Create shopping lists using your recipe ingredients • Synchronize your recipes on different devices using dropbox • Scale the ingredients to serve more or less people • Use the speech feature to read recipes • Customize various parts of the app such as theme, font size, categories. • Earn Kiip Rewards by adding new recipes • Open recipes on your Android Wear watch My CookBook is also available on your desktop: Create a free account on our online version My CookBook Online and you will enjoy these additional features (in the app and the website): • Save up to 105 recipes and 8 shopping lists in the cloud • Synchronize up to 105 recipes and 8 shopping lists between all your applications and your online account • View and manage these recipes on any computer or any device • Invite your friends to join My CookBook Online and view their recipes • Plan your meals and generate a shopping list for the week Create a Premium account on My CookBook Online and : • All your recipes and shopping lists will be saved in the cloud More details here : The creation of an account on My CookBook Online is optional and the number of recipes is not limited in the Android application. We support more than 200 websites. If your favorite cooking website is not supported, you can submit a request or vote for already submitted requests here : My CookBook , the only cooking app you need ! Ads in the app may be removed by purchasing an in-app add-on or by installing the paid version of My CookBook : Help us to translate My CookBook to other languages :

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