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Bryce Twede

Jun 1, 2023

Chime when muting/unmuting

Sometimes I hit the unmute hotkeys without realizing it and people can hear me when I'm not expecting it. I'd love it if there were optional chimes when muting/unmuting so I'd know what state it's in. Ideally, they'd be different chimes (like the Windows two tones that play when plugging/unplugging a USB).

An optional visual feedback would also be welcomed (that mute button is so small). For example, the entire background color of Meet could change color when unmuted so I could see if I'm live from a distance.

Ramine Ameli

Oct 3, 2022


I saw a comment that the next release would allow the option to disable notifications. Is this feature available yet?

Patrick af Klercker

Sep 29, 2022

Disable notifications

Could you make it possible to disable notifications? They get annoying pretty quickly.

Also, the shortcut to navigate to the active call meet tab is not working, but the one that goes to the meet homepage does work, so I guess there's hope to get that working again.

Tim Ehrlich

Jan 17, 2022

Does it work for macos?

Hi there,
question in titel. I tried it but it doesn't work.

Colin Hunt

Jan 14, 2022

Switch to active Meet tab no longer works for me

First, thank you for a very useful extension. The global mute/unmute works well for me.
However, "Switch to active Meet tab" stopped working for me, it used to work fine at first. I quite like this feature too, so could you help me with this? Thank you!

Janne Johansson

Oct 21, 2021

Dedicated mute/unmute (optional) shortcuts.

I'd love an optional secondary shortcuts for mute/unmute. So you could know if you just muted or unmuted yourself. Wold work nicely with headsets with programmable switches.

Perry Myers

Oct 20, 2021

Disable notifications

Hi! This plugin is awesome, thank you for creating it. Is there a way you could have an option for disabling the notification pop up every time you mute/unmute the mic? On Windows, these notifications just stack up and get annoying over time. They seem unnecessary, especially since the icon in the notification area in Chrome shows you the mute status. Thanks again!


Jul 22, 2021

When I turn on/off the microphone, the tab is activated every time

Hello, every time I turn on/off the microphone, the Google Meet tab makes me active every time. But I would like the microphone to turn on/off in the background, I do not make the active tab with Google Meet. Please improve this behavior.

Yatin Jethi

Jun 8, 2021

Not Working for New Google Meet

Your Mute for Google Meet extension was working like a charm till yesterday. But the mute hotkey option doesn't seem to work with the new meet layout which is going to be launched from 10.06.2021
My use case is that I have to present my screen a lot of times and during these hour-long calls, I want to mute my call without switching the tab from which I am presenting.
After setting shortcut for mute as global from the extension section it was working fine. I hope you are going to update the extension for the new google meet.

Taylor Meek (he/him)

May 4, 2021

The plugin no longer toggles the microphone

The plugin has stopped working with Google's recent update. It still appears to work in the lobby/green room, but no longer functions to toggle the mic once you have joined the call.

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