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Cinzel Cinzel

May 3, 2019

Suggestion for adding resume

Suggestion: Add a resume function. The characteristic of pausing is that it can be resumed later. For example: Clicking the same extension icon after pausing could resume all playing media. If resuming could be made possible this same way, then this extension is fully complete in my eyes.


Apr 15, 2015

Doesn't work.

Doesn't work.

Dr. F (Faonecze)

Dec 21, 2014



Johannes Erchen

Aug 28, 2014

Auto Mute

It would be a nice feature, if the extension mutes all other tabs if there is sound on a new tab.

Johannes Erchen

Aug 28, 2014

Support 4 Soundcloud

Does not work:

Aadil Shah

Aug 8, 2014

why access my data?

I see no reason why this app needs access to my data when all it needs to do is block an audio stream.
I note also that there is nothing to indicate what state the mute is in which, combined with poor user reviews, leads me to mistrust this app.

A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 28, 2014

Mute Everything

Please, make an Option Stay Mute PERMANENTLY. And concentrate on muting the sound, not stopping the various site sources. That will never cover it. There are always new sources developing.
Please people, someone just finally make something to PERMANENTLY MUTE the whole Chrome browser.

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