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A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 1, 2018


How do I delete this garbage?

valerie zagada

Jun 14, 2014


Help, this game does not work!!!!!!!!!!!!

valerie zagada

Jun 14, 2014


The game does not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

valerie zagada

Jun 14, 2014

game 1 doesn't respond

I tried playing but don't understand what it is supposed to do. I just signed in, pressed 1 and got the game. when I press the E, a note plays. Then game is done and a sad face come on. the instruction tells nothing about the game. Where do I find how to play or what is wrong with this program?

Bob Steele

Dec 12, 2012

MusicPug Guitar

Does not work. I press E nothing happens.

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 2, 2012

Left-Handed Mode

Hi, it would be great if this had an option to flip the fretboard for left-handed players. Thanks.

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