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Megan B

Nov 29, 2016

Alpha sorting bug

Alphabetical sorting isn't handling numbers correctly. I have a timer starting with "12 Tried" sorting before "7 Things."

Megan B

Nov 23, 2016

Visual indication of when stopwatch is running

Just started using this for tracking my editing time for a new client: loving it!

The one feature I would really love to see is some sort of visual indicator of whether the current timer is running or stopped. I'd like to be able to quickly tab in to check the status without having to wait and see if it ticks up another second or not.

For example, right now "Start" is green and "Stop" is red, regardless of whether the timer is active. You could change it so that when the timer is stopped, "Stop" is greyed out, and when the timer is running, "Start" is greyed out.

Or another option would be to change the background color on the hh/mm/ss counter based on whether the timer is running. Right now it's always orange; you could change it so that it's greyed out when the timer is stopped, and orange when the timer is running.

Katarina F

Oct 22, 2014

Razširitev onemogočena v posodobljenem Chromu

V novi verziji Chroma timer ne dela več ... Ga sklopi :(

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