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A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 6, 2017

Says extension is depreciated

Shame it worked really well for months.

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 4, 2017

didn;t create a blog post

I installed went to a page and clicked the extension. Takes me to my dashboard and no post created.

Eldo Rhaan

Jul 21, 2017

Login Password step not working

When you enter your login info, it is not working and asking to enter it again ...

Lizzie T

Feb 14, 2017

Not working

Takes me straight to my dashboard instad of to an editable post. This problem started about a month ago. Worked fine for ages before that.

Rong Hua Ching

May 27, 2015

extension not working

Unable to login, after signing up with blog site address unable to enter PW. The cursor did not move, removed plugin and retried several times no change.

Susanna Donato

Feb 16, 2015

How does it work?

I installed the extension and put in my blog site address. I went to a web page, clicked the extension, and clicked to post to my blog. Nothing happened. No post appeared (I was logged into my dashboard), and I got no error message, etc.

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