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Peace Charity

Mar 20, 2020

I want to play.

i like it,and I want to play.

Dhanunjaya Rao K

Jan 2, 2020

MFD - File extension changed to .txt format in chrome

When we download multiple files which include different file formats such as .LIC, .LAS, MFD downloads them in .txt format. It happens to some chrome users, but not all chrome users. Appreciate any solution to this problem.

Thanks in advance.

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 24, 2019

iscriçao no aplicativo como adiquiri~lo

pq nao consigo cadastrar minha conta no mega ?

Борис Михалюк

Feb 13, 2018


спам программа

Ariel Camilo

May 12, 2017

no funciona

no aparece

Arcel Manning

Jun 13, 2016

Extension is Trash

How are you supposed to add the links you want to download? Extension added to chrome but I can only visit the Overview page about the extension. That's useless!!!

Sergio Deus

Jan 11, 2016

multiple file downloader doesnt work

cant make appear anything, the extension is enabled

Nicolás Gildengers

Aug 19, 2015

No funciona la extensión

Instalé la última versión del navegador, reinicié la computadora, instalé Multiple File Downloader, dice que está habilitado, pero no funciona. Qué puede pasar?

John Blanton

Jul 6, 2015

Icon does not appear

The webpage contains many links to PDF files, but icon never appears to allow download.

Elizabeth Goodlander

Jun 30, 2015


Im not able to access the icon to download

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