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Sagara Liyanaarachchi

Dec 12, 2023

Multi login on Startup pages

can we set home pages (Start up Pages) with multi login with saved passwords


Oct 10, 2023

doesn't work for trello

this does not work for trello accounts. it flashes the UI and then tells me I don't have access to the it is not seeing the user used to login on this multilogin tab.

Ashley Wittenkeller

Aug 23, 2023

Discord won't run

Hello, for some reason I can't sign in to Discord at all through the webpage if I have this extension active. When I disable the extension, I can sign in again. Any idea why?

Jasmin Rams

Jul 24, 2023

Not working

Doesnt seem to be working with Mindbody anymore, once the second tab is open you can no longer find clients in Mindbody that you know are there. Works just fine if only one ML tab is open.. Any ideas?

Mark Rathbone

Jun 7, 2023

Compatability problem with Gitlab

When using Gitlabs VSCode based WebIDE, multilogin breaks the page and makes it display a white page instead of the IDE

le an

Apr 10, 2023

hi, do you plan to update this extension to manifest v3 when manifest v2 ends?

I really like your extension. I'm afraid it won't be used anymore when manifest v2 ends.
Hope you answer my question.
Best regards,

Georgi Ivanov

Mar 2, 2023

Bug with opening site

I have a bug opening: and all related to the domain apps and sites.
It's causing error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'innerText')
at HTMLDocument.cookie (<anonymous>:17:58)

Michael Drummond

Feb 21, 2023

Downloading Zip Files

When logged into using Multi Login Chrome Extension, I am unable to download a zip file. The file downloads as HTML File instead. Absolutely love this extension, would be nice if this could be addressed.

Alexander Landman

Jan 27, 2023

not sure it is working for me

I installed the extension and tested it. but when i click the icon and a new tab opens, this tab does not function as a new user.. it opens the same places I am logged into with the same user.

Ryan Rupp

Jan 9, 2023

Cookie reading is broken on

I see a review mention this and have a workaround to only enable this extension on click (to avoid this being used for But it's odd that document.cookie is broken on yet not on other sites (, etc.) - reproducible in chrome devtools. Can you provide more context why this is/can it be fixed? Just sort of concerning I guess that the characteristics one a particular site could cause this?

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