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kawa saky

Aug 9, 2023

can the extension enforce the true coordinates of the windows?

Could be possible to add a hard check on the coordinates and window size when using it?

I for example, set chrome tabs on -16 pixels on the upper part of the screen so I don't have a huge bar of absolutely nothing.

For example, on a 2560x1440 monitor using your extension to open 2 windows of the exact same size one on each side, I would want the chrome 1 window to start on the position 0 -16 and be 1456 pixels of height and 1280 wide, the second would start on 1280 -16 for the same size

with this extension, chrome open the first window on maybe 2,2 coordinates, with a height of 1430, leaving empty space around the window on every window opened as it doesn't enforce the true coordinates of the windows were the group was created.


Mar 23, 2021

Chrome group tab

Please add function to work with Chrome group tab feature.

Thank you so much.

Tom Bidson

Mar 5, 2020

Multi Desktop

Hi Can you make it to also save which virtual desktop in Windows 10, the browser was at. This is major feature. Thanks.

Dave Gittins

Feb 23, 2020

Multiple GNOME workspaces

Hi, I like the plugin a lot. However I can't use it for my intended use case because windows on multiple GNOME workspaces are all placed on the current workspace when I load a layout.

I would be happy with either:
1. Save only saves windows in the current workspace, Load restores them to current workspace
2. Save remembers windows from all workspaces and which workspace they were on, Load restores windows to all workspaces

Jenn Christine

Feb 3, 2020

Use on multi computers

I would love to login and be able to use these layouts on other computers. A premium feature maybe?


Sep 11, 2019

Positions are off

Hi, thanks for your extension, it's pretty cool. Unfortunately it doesn't reopen the windows exactly like they were on my PC. They are always a couple of pixels off on the X and Y axes and a little smaller. Is there any way to fix that or is there a limitation that prevents these things to be precise? Thanks

Jason Fetherland

Jul 26, 2019

Keyboard shortcuts?

Would it be possible to add keyboard shortcut assignment to layouts?

I would like to be able to use my el gato stream deck to launch layouts with 1 press.

My current workflow is using virtual desktops on W10. I have a different layout saved for each of the virtual desktops so I would like to be able to have the stream deck launch chrome pause then perform the shortcut to load that layout.

I have been enjoying the current version of layout manager for 2 years now and it is fantastic and a huge time saver.


Mads Juul

Jun 18, 2019

Close All open Windows before loading Layout

I was wondering if it is possible to add a setting where "Multi *Layout Manager" is closing all open Chrome windows/tabs before loading a layout?

Thank you for a great app.

Best Mads

Sam Abdow

Mar 15, 2019

Where is the file saved?

Hey where is the profile of Multi Layout manager saved?

If I want to change my PC / upgrade or move locations in the future I want to keep the same settings page layout thankyou to be transferred

Brendan DeBrincat

Sep 14, 2018

Export layouts

It would be great if we could export saved layouts to a text file. I want to backup my layouts.

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