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M. M.

Feb 15, 2023

How do I enable elimination or custom replacement of illegal filename characters?

I am using scan links to rename my downloaded files, but the names include illegal filename characters (eg." : "). Is there an option to allow these to be eliminated from the filename or replaced by a custom character (eg " - ")?

sabot oz

May 8, 2021

How to save all subfolders & files to relative structure

I want to use CHROME MASS DOWNLOADER extension to download all subfolders & files from URL The subfolders should be saved as relative-directories to the main folder, to enable navigating to different files & folders using CHROME browser ... from the main html page.

Can you pls advise how this can be done?


Evan Andrew Ellicott

Mar 12, 2021

Save As Dialog

The extension requires me to click save despite the radio button being turned off. Makes downloading many files useless with this extension. I see this was a bug, but I guess it is not fixed yet.

Tony Patti

Sep 5, 2020

save dialog

Show save dialogue is NOT checked but when activated on a page with 50 .zip downloads it prompts me for a save location for EACH file. This defeats the purpose of having an automatic file downloader. I should be able to specify a single download folder then walk away while it downloads all the files. Is this the way it's supposed to work?


Apr 24, 2020

Wait for download

I hit green download button and see 16 waiting, but nothing downloads. Is the browser blocking download popup? I don't see in browser that it is blocking popup.

Tony Evans

Nov 3, 2019

Downloading Slooh fits

Jarmo, very strange, just started happening this morning (Nov 3), files appear downloaded with the ".fit" replaced by ".txt". Any ideas? Tony E


Sep 23, 2019

Bug Report not supporting ~ character

Bug report: When using "Scan Link Text" and "use Custom Name" - if the link text has a tilde ~ then the file is not renamed correctly , other than that this extension is awesome, thanks!

Timothy Brevart

Aug 26, 2019

Download Salesforce Weekly Exports

Hi Dev team, I wanted to verify that this extension can also work with downloading larger files, like databackups from Salesforce. We perform these every week, with the load slightly increasing each week, and usually have about 15 files each at 512mb or less. Will this tool work for downloading files like these as well? Thanks!

sergio jose leite da silva professor

Aug 25, 2019

canal e tv a cabo wi-fi

meus canais da sky não estão sendo reproduzidos pela internet

John W

Jul 17, 2019

sub folders

Just a question, in case I'm not seeing it. Can we use this to automatically search sub-folders?
If not, change this to a suggestion. :)
Otherwise I am loving your work on this. Thank you!

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