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Marcia Browne

Jun 14, 2023

The extension isn't working

In either Chrome or Edge. Please fix so I can get rid of the other password manager I currently use. I'd rather use this one but not if it's not going to work as advertised.

Ben Keepers

Jan 3, 2023

Not Working for Chrome in Windows

Chrome: Version 108.0.5359.125 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Windows: Version10.0.19045 Build 19045

Kirk Pattinson

Oct 22, 2022

doesnt work on windows 11

the plugin to chrome does nothing when i click it

Hermann Withalm

Aug 31, 2022

Not opening

Also for me the icon does exactly nothing at all !

Tomasz Krol

Jul 10, 2022

Doesn't work at all !!!

Extension installed on Chrome but it doesn't work. Only extension icon is there, but won't launch.

E Thyssen

Apr 29, 2022

My ext does nothing -

Click; Ctrl-Shft-E = nothing!
On Google Chrome / WIN 10

elaine grab

Apr 12, 2022

chrome extension

Extension icon sits there all pretty, but click and nothing happens. It never even let me log in.

John Van Soest

Mar 30, 2022

Extension doesn't work.

Extension will not launch

Florian Grebing

Mar 30, 2022

msecure Chrome Plugin doesn't work

Hello i can't open the msecure extention for CHrome. So it is useless. I waste 17$ for the Tool. Why it does't work?

Shawn Whitaker

Mar 23, 2022

Chrome Extension doesn't open

Google Chrome extension doesn't open. It is in the extension tool bar but when I click on it or use the Shift+Command+E shortcut it will not open.

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