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Naveen Sagar

Jun 23, 2023

In my laptop mqtt box is not install

older version of chrome apps won't open on linux devices

Erik Palsbo

Jul 31, 2022

Window size

Please make it possible to maintain window size next time the program is loaded.
Otherwise a very nice tool.

Fatih Ömer Faruk ERKALAN

Feb 3, 2022

About time of package

please add time section for package. I want to see when the package come.

Surya R

Oct 19, 2021

mqtt not connected to the broker

I'm working with thingsboard edge to connect mqtt client , so i copied the access token of edge device and pasted it on the mqtt box and my hostname is http://localhost:8080 and i saved that but client not connect with broker


Aug 17, 2021

that site is not working

Dipali Patil

Jun 8, 2021 is not working.

I am downloading app from website for MACBook pro and it shows below error:

This site can’t be reachedCheck if there is a typo in

Is it moved to new address ? Can you please help me.

Ingo Dering

Aug 30, 2019

Issue with HEX payload

Hi! Thanks for the great tool.
I run into issue with hex-formatted payload.
If I select HEX and publish 0x00 or 0x64 it works fine, but if I publish 0xC8 it publishes 2 bytes. Today I tested the same payloads with mqtt-spy and it publishes HEX without any issue.
Many thanks in advance and greetings

A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 1, 2018


My app is getting enlarged and I am not able to view the topic and subscribe box.

Joe Gold

Oct 5, 2017


Does it support TLS1.2 certificates

A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 10, 2017

Payload length

Hi, very usefull app. Thanks a lot!

But I catch an error when I'm using ws connection in payload length field.
5.2. Base Framing Protocol RFC 6455
Payload length: 7 bits, 7+16 bits, or 7+64 bits

Everything is ok, when payload length less then 7 bits, but when it's greater the second byte has wrong value:
>>> len(data)
>>> bin(data[0])
>>> bin(data[1])
'0b10000001' # here is an error because should be '0b11111110' for payload with 126 < length < 65535

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