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Hanil Acharya

Nov 4, 2023

Couldn't download the recording

The recording happened for around an hour. But was not able to download. Now I am not able to download the recording. How to retrieve?

Лілія Шарая

Feb 11, 2023

How to remove sounds in my video. And to make my voice louder

How to remove sounds in my video. And to make my voice louder

Belu Gelen Nina

Jan 5, 2023


Tuve una grabacion por 2 horas aproximadmente estaba apunto de guardarlo pero se actualizo la pagina y no encuentro nada y es urgente

Lisa Barrientos

Sep 26, 2022

First time use - Please Help!

I had an entire hour of screen recording of an assessment for a new job. I needed to send in the recorded time and cannot find it. Please help.

David Garcia

Sep 15, 2022

Crashed- lost recording

First time use- stopped recording after almost two hours and it crashed. Cant find video anywhere. Please help.

Visconti Gianella

Jun 7, 2022

Se trabó y perdió la grabación.

Se trabó y perdió la grabación de una de mis clases más importantes. La necesito urgentemente. Por favor debe haber una forma de recuperarla.

Wendoly Balladares H. IEB

Jun 4, 2022

problemas para rescatar archivo grabado

estimados grabo y después me bota de la página y no se donde recuperar la grabación

Kalyani Ankaraju

May 5, 2022

Voice is not audible in the recording

after stoping the recording there is no voice in the recorded video same issue in downloaded video as well, resolve this asap.

alexandre frouin

Mar 17, 2022

crash after recording

Hi, I recorded a meeting and when I stopped, the chrome extension had crashed. I'm wondering if there is a way to retreive the recording.

Syy Ramos

Mar 2, 2022

retrieve record

how to retrieve my recordings? its suddenly crashed when i tried to render the video

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