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William Wraith IV

Jun 2, 2022

The extension doesn't seem to launch

I click the icon and nothing at all happens. I used it until yesterday with no issues.

Marc Grossman

Oct 19, 2020

Negative exponents (scientific notation)

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to punch in values such as 3.2e-6. Would you mind explaining how to do this? Other than that this thing is fantastic.

James Taylor

Jul 13, 2018

Accessible outside Chrome?

I would love it if this could be an application on the desktop like some other Chrome apps. I use it every day at work.

Vasily Dumik

Apr 8, 2016

Clearing doesn't persist

When I clear all and close extension, on next open I still see the last calculation.

Vasily Dumik

Apr 8, 2016

Copy&paste without extra 'c'

Please allow copy&paste with Ctrl+C/V without the extra step of entering the 'c' menu.

Please also accept paste from the general buffer (e.g. if I copy a number from my text editor I could paste it to the calculator)

Vasily Dumik

Apr 8, 2016

Currency converter suggestions

1. Please add an option to show calculated values in currency selection list.
This would allow you to see not just ONE conversion AFTER you select the currency, but see all you want without even having to do the conversion itself. That's even faster than googling an exchange rate

2. On reverse option, please a) show reverse exchange rate b) move currency name/value to the LEFT of the '<=' symbol

3. Please add currency symbols instead of those aweful 3-letter combos (will be much easier to recognize them)

4. Please align number column to decimal point (so that decimal point is on the same vertical line) so that '195.123' is positioned to the left of '0.123' by two symbols ('19') and '0.123' is positioned to the left of '0.12' by one symbol.

Vasily Dumik

Apr 8, 2016

Allow custom currency list

Please allow to customize the currency list — I'll only ever need 2-3 currencies and I don't want to see the full list every time I'm trying to do an exchange.
Thank you!

Vasily Dumik

Apr 8, 2016

Set Stack mode by default

Please set the Stack mode by default after installation as it's more intuitive and clear than the RPN one.
Took me a while to figure out how to do a simple '2+2' operation, which is a negative first user experience.
After all, the calculator name is 'Stack', not 'RPN' :)

Vasily Dumik

Apr 8, 2016

Typo in example

In stackmode example there is a typo in instructions: second minus sing after 23 [-] is not needed and in fact breaks the flow.
88 [-] 23 [-] [=] [/] 52 [+] 6 [y] 0.4 [=] [=] [=]

Boris Starosta

Jul 10, 2015

enter key

I figured out that I was not in RPN mode. A google search revealed your homepage, there was a tab for RPN, and there were the key commands to get into RPN mode. Not sure how you can make that easier to recognize...

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