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Improve your MouseHunt experience

Improve your MouseHunt experience! Over 150+ features! MouseHunt Improved enhances and improves with a variety of features. You'll need to grant access to the extension for on first installation by clicking the icon in the toolbar. To enable or disable different modules, go to the "MouseHunt Improved" tab in the game settings page. For bug reports, feature requests, and other feedback or contributions, please see the GitHub repo at *Features* - Better UI - Updates the MH interface with a variety of UI and style changes. - Updates the Prestige Base to have the correct stats. - Autofocuses the Hunter ID search box on the Find Friends page. - Modifies the Hunter ID search box to be a bit bigger and moves it to the top. - Shows your exact rank percentage immediately when you hover over the value. - Upscales the lucky catch icon to be higher resolution. - Updates the footer display to look much nicer and align the links better. - Increases the size of the icons in the menu dropdowns. - Hides the LE badge and any active auras until you hover over your trap image. - Updates buttons in popups to match other buttons. - Hovering over your Cheese, Charm, or Map name will show the full name. - Updates the current adventure book task to look nicer. - Updates the styles and readability of many items. - Search & filter dropdowns and results - Send Supplies page - Journal Tabs - Daily Draw, Larry's Tips, and King's Calibrator - Crafting, Recipe, and other pages with tabs or subtabs - Trap, Base, Charm, and Cheese selectors - Hunter Profile blocks and corkboard - Team member listing and team page - Better Gifts - Adds 'Accept All' and 'Accept and Return All' buttons to the gift selector. - Adds 'Select random friends' and 'Select frequent gifters' to the send gifts page. - Adds all gifts to the select friends page to quickly switch between them. - Improves the styling of the gift popup slightly. - Better Inventory - Updates the inventory UI to look more modern. - Clicking on the quantity of a convertible in the popup will set the quantity to max. - When hovering on an item in the Hunter's Hammer view, a preview of the items you'll get is shown. - Shows a warning when crafting a recipe using Magic Essence that you shouldn't be using Magic Essence. - Reorders the recipe list to move one-off recipes to the bottom and minimize their display. - Adds an indicator on any collectibles that have a special action. - Resizes the crafting table to be easier to read and use. - Better Item View - Adds links to [MHCT](https://mhct-win) and [MHWiki]( to the popup. - Adds drop rates from MHCT directly to the item view. - Better Journal - Updates the journal UI to look more modern, sleek, and streamlined. - Removes the date & time from entries like tournament points, unstable charm procs, etc. to be smaller and coupled to the hunt. - Updates the gift claim & return entries to be scrollable with a maximum height so they don't take up the entire page. - Modifies colors slightly for a variety of miscellaneous entries. - Updates the progress log to be more condensed. - Rewrites the journal to use simpler entries and clearer information. - Modifies the mouse image to open the mouse view, rather than just an image. - Better King's Reward - Updates the style of the King's Reward image to match the background. - Makes the input box for the King's Reward larger. - Automatically closes the success message. - Better Maps - Adds a variety of features to maps. - TODO: document all the features here. - Better Marketplace - Allows you to open the search without typing anything to see all items. - Removes useless items (old event items, baskets with no sales activity, etc) from the search unless the 'Search all items' checkbox is checked. - Auto-close the "I claimed ..." popup when claiming or closing a listing. - When on the buy or sell screen, clicking on 'Buying' or 'Selling' will toggle to the other. - Better Mice - Adds links to [MHCT](https://mhct-win) and [MHWiki]( to the mouse view popup. - Adds attraction rates from MHCT directly to the mouse view popup. - Adds sorting by name, catches, misses, and weight to the lists on the stats page. - Adds crown icons to the stats page. - Adds a favorite button to the mouse view to toggle the mouse as a favorite. - Adds King's Crowns as a tab on the mice page. - Adds Groups, Regions, Your Stats, and King's Crowns to the mice menu dropdown. - Better Quests - Adds the ability to open the Library Assignments popup anywhere by clicking on the quests tab without a current assignment. - Adds the cost, reward, and a link to [MHWiki]( for each assignment in the assignment list. - Adds an M400 helper that lets you quickly travel to the next location. - Updates the progress display of tasks to be more concise. - Moves the warning text about smashing an assignment to be more clear. - Better Send Supplies - Updates the display of items to be more readable. - Adds a search bar to filter items. - Adds buttons to sort by name or quantity. - Adds +1, +5, +10, +100, and All buttons to the quantity input page to easily set the quantity. - Allows favoriting items to be highlighted and show them at the top of the list. - Better Shops - Updates the Shop layout and UI to be more modern and readable. - Updates the item stats more readable. - Minimizes owned items that have an inventory limit of 1. - Hides items that use legacy costs in the King's Cart. - Better Tournaments - Adds a dropdown to the Score display to quickly see a listing of the team rankings directly. - Adds a dropdown to the Points display to quickly see a listing of all the mice and their points directly. - Updates the tournament page UI. - Better Travel - Automatically zooms the map out slightly to show more of the map. - Adds a 'Simple Travel' tab that shows a listing of all locations without the map to make it easier to travel and can be set as the default tab. - Adds an optional alphabetical list of locations to the 'Simple Travel' tab. - Adds a list of other locations in the same region to the Travel dropdown menu to quickly travel to them. - When traveling to Valour Rift, Floating Islands, Queso Canyon, or Folklore Forest, show a small reminder message to warn or remind about active Champion's Fire, Wild Tonic, Bottled Wind, and Condensed Creativity. - Highlights the location of the Relic Hunter on the map and Simple Travel page. ** Feature Modules ** · Catch Rate Estimator · Copy ID Button · Custom Background · Custom Horn · Custom HUD · Custom Theme · Custom Shield · Dark Mode Improvements & Tweaks · Data Exporters · Delayed Tooltips · Favorite Setups · FLRT Helper · Hover Profiles · Image Upscaling · Inline Wiki · Inventory Lock and Hide · Keyboard Shortcuts · Lucky Golden Shield Duration & Reminder · Location Dashboard · Location Catch Stats · Metric Units · Only Open Multiple · Open All But One buttons · Paste Hunter ID · Prestige Base Stats · Quick Filters and Sort · Quick Send Supplies · Taller Windows · TEM Crowns · Ultimate Checkmark ** Element Hiding ** · Adblock · Remove Footer · Remove Share Buttons · Remove Sidebar · Hide player names in journal entries ** Location HUDs ** - Balack's Cove - Shows a countdown to the next low, mid, and high tides. - Burroughs Rift - Adds a larger mist meter to the HUD. - For each of the three cheeses (Magical String, Terra Ricotta, Polluted Parmesan), the current available mice pool will be shown in the HUD, along with the ability to quickly change cheese. - Click on titles to change cheese, and click on mist display to toggle mist. - Bristle Woods Rift - Modifies the size of the quantity and Time Sand displays to be a bit bigger. - Adds an indicator for each status effect so you don't need to hover over the mouse to see what it is. - Claw Shot City - Updates font sizes and colors to be more readable for Gangs Caught and Fool's Gold amount. - Fiery Warpath - Makes the wave number more clear. - Better highlighting of the current target. - Cleaner tooltips. - Smoother streak gauge. - Larger power-type icons. - Larger artillery strike quantity font size. - Floating Islands - Adds countdown to the boss. - Adds glore progress to the next upgrade. - Improves Bottled Wind selector. - Updates the font sizes and HUD alignment to be a bit more readable. - Makes your airship bigger. - Island name now matches the UI more closely. - Enemy names, countdown, hunts, and progress are all modified to be more readable. - Highlights shrines on the sky map. - Forbidden Grove - Shows a countdown to the closing time, rather than just a progress bar. - Fort Rox - Updates the night progress bar to be more clear. - Updates the tooltips to have more information. - Updates the wall HP display. - Font sizes and colors cleaned up. - Power types for each night phase are shown. - Furoma Rift - Battery, droid, stats, and energy displays are all modified. - Iceberg - Shows feet and number of hunts to the next zone. - Hover over the zone information to see: - Average feet per hunt. - Progress to the next zone. - Progress to Icewing. - Quick view of each zone with their length. - Warning if you're encountering Icewing and don't have a base equipped that would take you to the hidden Depths. - Living Garden - Essence quantities are bigger. - Item quantities are bigger. - Labyrinth - Show step counter for hallway. - Shows steps remaining in the hallway. - Shows average steps per hunt. - Hover over the hallway to see the number of clues for each hunt as an actual number. - Shows counts for each clue on the progress bar. - Improves the clue count view when hovering on the progress bar. - Suggests the best door to choose in intersections. - Reminds you to light your lantern if you're in a superior hallway and it's not lit. - Slightly larger text for resources in the HUD. - Muridae Market - Larget font sizes and cleaner colors. - Queso Canyon - Larger font sizes and cleaner colors. - Wild Tonic will animate subtly to remind you to enable it if you don't have it on. - Sunken City - Updates HUD font sizes and colors. - Adds more charms to the list in the HUD. - Toxic Spill - Rearranges HUD elements to be more readable, and increase the sizes of text and other elements. - Valour Rift - Show the current floor type when you hover over the floor number. - Shows steps remaining. - Updates the HUD to be more readable. - Adds a simulator when clicking on the image of The Total Eclipse. - Whisker Woods Rift - More visible warning when a wrong setup is equipped. - Bigger faction titles. - Larger rage meter numbers. - Zokor - Improves item quantity display. - Boss name, stealth countdown, and progress are all modified to be more readable. - Adds Cheese selectors to the following locations to quickly switch between the common cheeses: - Acolyte Realm - Balack's Cove - Bazaar - Calm Clearing - Cape Clawed - Catacombs - Derr Dunes - Dojo - Dracano - Elub Shore - Forbidden Grove - Great Gnarled Tree - Jungle Of Dread - King's Arms - King's Gauntlet - Lagoon - Meditation Room - Nerg Plains - Pinnacle Chamber - Slushy Shoreline - S.S. Huntington IV - Tournament Hall - Town Of Digby - Training Grounds ** Fixes ** - Fixes the Passing Parcel collectible display to match the other collectibles. - Fixes the vertical spacing for the Weekly & Friends checkboxes on scoreboards. - Updates the team, scoreboard, and forum icons in the main navigation to be the intended ones. - Fixes the dropdown arrow direction in the top menu. - Fixes HUD shadow leftover from old HUD. - Fixes Tooltip arrows incorrectly showing the side border. - Removes 'Combine 12 items while crafting' on the ranks page from the ranks that already have it. - And more!

5 out of 59 ratings

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Jee Hung MahMar 24, 2024

This is da best

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solamon77 (solamon77)Mar 20, 2024

This is the only way to play Mousehunt on the PC. After getting all of these fantastic improvements, I never want to go back!

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