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Yusuf Young

Feb 10, 2024

Please implement "stop two finger left/right swipe from going to previous / next page"

Hi, I'm so frustrated by Chrome's "feature" to go back and forward when you swipe left / right with two fingers. There are many cases where you want to swipe back / forward (most often when wanting to scroll an element on the page) but then the page actually goes back one page and you lose all your data that you had entered.

A lot of people are having the same problem and there is no solution for it:

Please please please implement a feature that stops this and I'll immediately download your app! :)


Oct 26, 2023

Default New Tab

Hi, is there a way to change the default new tab page? I'd like to set it to Google or the default Chrome starting page rather than the Power Mouse homepage. This is for when I use the mouse combo or wheel to open a new tab.

Thanks :)

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