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Sep 27, 2017

OSX 10.12.4 Chrome

None of the key commands works. Sadly :/

Alex Boysen

Nov 19, 2015

Not working, using chrome

Shortcuts not working.

Keyan Pishdadian

Apr 5, 2015

Keybindings not workin

Chrome Version 41.0.2272.104 (64-bit)

MacOSX Yosemite Version 10.10.2 (14C109)

The documented keyboard shortcuts have no noticeable effect.

Yarin Snapir

Mar 28, 2015

MoTa extension not working

using chrome version 42.0.2311.60 beta-m (64-bit)

Dennie Kirtley

May 27, 2014

suggestion to change behavior of extension

Not an issue really - but in the description it says you would change default behaviors if requested. so here's a request:

Alt+h moves a tab to the left
Alt+l moves a tab to the right

It be so much more intuitive/user friendly if you did it like this:

Alt+l moves a tab to the left
Alt+r moves a tab to the right

Just sayin'...

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