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Feb 11, 2018

way to delete sites?

Is there a way to delete sitis that I no longer use,Please?

Carol Thomas

Oct 26, 2017

Add a delete option plz!

I agree with Dan Zapix. Please add a way to delete items from the list. It keeps growing and cannot be cleared.

Dan Zapix

May 21, 2017

Delete links from the list

Would be nice to be able to delete links from the list that are essentially duplicates or wasted space. Such as site/login makes sense to have listed, but site/logoff wouldn't, since that's just a result from logging out from said site, thus wasting space of the listed sites.

Joshua Trimmell

Aug 19, 2016

Tool Bar

I'm wondering if there is an option to have the links displayed as a bar across the top of the screen. Essentially replacing my current Bookmarks Bar.

Dean Shillingford

Dec 9, 2015


It would be nice if you could get the favicons next to the pages on the list. Thanks for a great extension. :)


Mar 16, 2015

Black&white icon

Please add black & white icon as option, because all the other 5 icons for me have it as well and red is too bright there.

With best regards,

Roni Laukkarinen
Web developer

Google apps