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Craig WilliamsJan 26, 2024

If you're looking for a solution to make CTRL+TAB observe the MRU order, this is what you need. All the other extensions to achieve this will take you down the rabbit hole of custom key bindings, because Chrome does not allow you to re-assign CTRL+TAB. This works around that mess by re-ordering the tabs (instead of hi-jacking the key binding) and works beautifully. Thank-you Brandon!

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Gary WilliamsAug 9, 2022

I don't understand why more people don't use this extension. It does what it says, which is life changing for my mess of tabs.

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Brandon MeyerDeveloperMay 10, 2023

Thanks Gary! I couldn't do my day to day without it.

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Ed CottinghamJul 29, 2018

This extension is (cyber) life-changing, for me! I had been using it for several years under the simple name, "Tab Stack," unless I am confused. I acquired a new MacBook Pro a year or so ago and mostly neglected the new machine although I did notice that my most recently used tabs were not sliding to the left. I only tolerated this because of the occasional use of the machine. I have finally embraced this extra 1.5 lbs of kit and started carrying the Pro machine and was maddened by the di... Show more

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Brandon MeyerDeveloperAug 6, 2018

Ed, I can't even express how awesome it is you are enjoying the extension. Tab Stack, as you referenced is what I had as well. Chrome did a few updates and broke the extension. After I found the developer was stopping work on the project. I made it myself, and 1 other co-worker. Since then it has had a few updates from suggestions. My main goal was to remove all the permissions, make it simple, and only do what it says it does. Thank you for the review, have a great day.

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Günther BoschJun 11, 2018

I LOVE IT! I just found out that it accepts decimal values for the Delay!! 0.5 sec worked best for me. Great for guys like me who step quickly through the tabs and dont want to wait for the sorting. :) UPDATE: After 5 years this is still the first extension I add whenever I get hands on a vanilla browser. Never had an issue. I hope this extension continues to work. Or companies understand that MRU (Most Recently Used) Features are great. I guess some UX Experts are still not convinced.

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Brandon MeyerDeveloperOct 25, 2023

Thank you for the updated review. I am still around and using this everyday. If I notice a chrome version breaking it. I will do my best to get it back to functional ASAP.

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Yuriy MannJan 7, 2018

Great solution, but would be even better if timeout could be less than 1s and no switching occured until Ctrl is released. Added respective comment in the Support section.

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Brandon MeyerDeveloperJan 11, 2018

Hi Yuriy, Thank you for the feedback. You can set the timeout to less than one second in the options. Set the delay time to .1 or some faction of a second. And I will revisit the conversation on Support, thanks! Brandon

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Mark MeuerAug 1, 2017

Finally! THIS is the way to solve the problem of ctrl-TAB not going in most-recently used order. I no longer have to mess with mapping new keyboard shortcuts, and my fingers no longer have the learn a new shortcut to get this behavior. As a plus, I really like that my tabs end up in order used, most recent on left and oldest on the right. Many thanks for a great extension!

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Brandon MeyerDeveloperAug 7, 2017

Thanks for the review! Glad you are enjoying it.

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Brandon MeyerSep 3, 2015

MRU Tab stack working with pinned tabs. And doesn't need special permissions. Simple, works.

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Andrew FreeseAug 31, 2015

It's every bit as good as tab stack used to be. Thanks!

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