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John Richey

Nov 18, 2022

Chrome Preventing Launch of App on Windows Systems after December 2022

Will this application be updated in the very near future so it doesn't get disabled as a chrome app? Would hate to switch to a different terminal emulator.

Ewoud De Moor

Oct 30, 2022

Chrome complains

Chrome complains that it won't launch old apps after December 2022, is there anyone planning to release an updated package?


Apr 13, 2021

How do I mosh on specific port numbers.

Does the app have the ability to connect on targeted ports? If so where would I enter them and what syntax would I use. Using the mosh server command field I am not having luck using "-p=60001", "--port=60001", -p 60001", "--port 60001" etc.

Rodrigo Daniel Guevara Contreras [BAJA]

May 5, 2020


Me solicita el MOSH_KEY

Susan Cardinali

Jan 17, 2020

Multiple Windows?

I am trying to remotely access via a Windows 10 laptop two RPi 4's in order to run a script on each roughly concurrently. I was using PuTTY, but it kept hanging randomly and the internet offered me no effective solutions, so I switched to mosh. (Curiously, the hangs did not occur when using a Windows 10 desktop.)

Can I run multiple terminal windows through mosh, one to RPi A and one to RPi B? It seems to crash every time I try it, whether desktop or laptop. And if not, do you have any idea where to look to fix the PuTTY issue on the laptop?

Thanks in advance.


Oct 19, 2019

mosh install mosh

how to dowwnload mosh

Udayakumar T.J

Oct 3, 2019

Can i change the font ?

Can i change the font ?

Nizamuddin Sulieman

Jun 22, 2018

True Color!

Please enable true color support! I need this for neovim. Otherwise perfect!

A Chrome Web Store user

May 11, 2018

port range

How do you set the port/port range that the client and server should use?

A Chrome Web Store user

Dec 17, 2017


Does Mosh open any security gaps for chrome user on windows?

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