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Laura Pulido

Mar 27, 2024

Not working

It has stopped working!

Theresa Hogan

Mar 6, 2024

Extension not working since last update

It looks like your wonderful extension started to give everyone the same issues of not working after it was updated on Jan 24, 2024. Is there a chance that it will be updated again to fix the issue, or are we SOL?

Abbie Ostrum

Mar 1, 2024

Colors not longer showing

Just like other recent reviews on here, my colors have all gone away and all my events are now red or different shades of red. Please fix this!!

Samantha Patterson

Feb 29, 2024

Colors no longer custom

The extension no longer works, all events are red.

Rasa Krunglevičienė

Feb 16, 2024

Refresh the colors

Love the colors, use them daily and extensively. I also use multiple calendars and each of them have a colour. I can override events with new colors, however, they sometimes are lost (reverted). Sometimes on a single event, and sometimes on many.

I noticed, that turning the visibility of particular calendar on and off (reset) - always restores the colors to custom selected ones. Perhaps this reset could happen more often, i.e. - each time you navigate to another week, and each time you focus the calendar tab? This would actually save a lot, and perhaps is not difficult to solve.

Sheilla Dingus

Feb 15, 2024

I can't apply the custom colors to events

I just downloaded the custom colors extension and it allows me to import colors onto the color grid but will not apply them to an event. I have more categories than colors and I would really appreciate if this would work.

Jacqui Marzolo

Jan 1, 2024

Google Calendar App Not Updating

In Chrome, the calendar colors are updating fantastically, but when I go to my Google Calendar App on my phone, all of the colors are Tomato. Is there a way to fix this, or does this extension only apply for the online version of Google Calendar?

Deborah Speece

Sep 26, 2023

need MORE spots rather than to change the color of existing spots

I would like to use this plugin to add to my custom color menu - not to replace the colors that are already there, but to add additional colors for more categories. For example, I've used up all of my default color slots to categorize for things like "admin", "meetings", "research"... and I have more categories, but I'm out of different colors to apply to them, so I need to add items to the actual color + label list. Is this possible?

Danait Kindeya

Sep 26, 2023

Issues with colors for calendar

It used to work but now when i try to select one of the colors it just turns every custom color red

Kevin M

Sep 7, 2023

Code repo ?

Maybe we can help you out here ? as we'd all like to see this thing work.

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