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Neil CostenOct 12, 2022

If you want to stream your desktop to a chromebook and have proper mouse control then get this. IT. IS. AWESOME!

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Hexiang GengJun 30, 2022

A good app but using it under tablet mode will block the system gesture and there is no way exiting it other than reboot. Compared to the clients for other platforms, options are also too limited.

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Andres FloresOct 18, 2021


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Steve NantelOct 11, 2021

Tried few apps, like Parsec TV that work really well on Windows but not on ChromeOS. So I'm back with Moonlight, I was surprise it is working fine with my Pixel book. Streaming at 1080 60fps 20 Mbps. (There is little lag with mouse, but looks like a common issue with Android) It is, for sure, not like in front of a real PC, but when you are traveling and have the luxury of playing your game remotely from your home computer, you don't really care about the little lag.

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Bret KuhnsApr 13, 2020

Tried both Steam for Linux and the Steam Link app for Android on my Pixelbook Chromebook and neither were playable. Stumbled upon Moonlight and it's running great! A few hiccups in framerate, but keyboard/mouse input are perfect, latency is acceptable, and quality is good enough even for the small detailed UI of games like Cities: Skylines.

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John ClownDec 5, 2019

If the mouse is not working, switch to the beta channel in settings. Google has released an update fixing the issue, but it hasn't been pushed to secure users yet.

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plainsNov 20, 2019

mouse doesn't move when i use everything else is fine I can use my keyboard and click but mouse will not move?

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Cameron GutmanDeveloperDec 5, 2019

This is a ChromeOS bug that will be fixed with ChromeOS 79 (currently in Beta).

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Sean BurkeJul 15, 2019

works amazingly well so far

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Caleb CarawayJun 22, 2019

This extension currently works better for me than Steam Link, especially when I need to use a controller. The only suggestion I would make is the ability to create custom controller mappings, especially since Chrome OS is so limited on what it recognizes on input.

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Jus MeJun 17, 2019

It wasn't clear before I installed it that you need Nvidia on the host computer (from what I can tell) and have Nvidia streaming turned on. You are then limited to the games that Nvidia has detected and Steam (as long as Nvidia detected Steam as a game). So to add a non known Nvidia game, I had to add a non standard game to Steam, get Nvidia to detect Steam as a game and then I could through this roundabout method launch what I wanted to play. Anyways still 100% worth the effort.

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