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Dave Triplett

Jan 30, 2018

error running app.

jumbled numbers once ran, in LAUNCH APP page..
How do I uninstall??

Galactic Populators

Mar 21, 2016

Non-critical Bugs & Suggestions

While fresh in mind, here is a dump of non-critical bugs and suggestions applying to the ASUS chromebook deployment:
When you right click the shelf icon, and select memory options, it opens a web store page which immediately crashes in addition to performing the proper action.
The following check boxes appear to have no effect in either CPU or mem:
Browser icon click:
Shown Automatically:
Panel (always on)
Bar (what is this?)
Add a monitor of the comm I/O (WiFi) bandwidth currently in use.
Make an option to display results in a log bar graph the size of a single large char.
Right justify your number results. This would allow, e.g., the ability to render CPU% on top of the rightmost 2 digits of MEM, and have it always make sense. Also, the value of 2 digit numbers would always look bigger than single digit values.
Please don't take this as criticism. I love that you have made this product available, and it is ALWAYS running on my machine. It's nice to be able to tell what is going on with the OS.


Aug 23, 2015

options menu ?

i found where the options menu is but i cant use it ? in the app screen i use right click on the icon but for some reason the option menu dont work ?

allan pitches

Sep 7, 2014

memory and processor on 39dev I5 chromebox

they appear to start OK but after a while the fan speeds up and the processor screen display reads about 30-40 % but the TM shows a normal processor load of 5% total.This situation is constant and I have had to restart the system with the two extensions disabled as stopping them once it has occurred does not stop the fan even though TM is just idling. I should imagine that the fan is actuated by a thermistor although the unit remains cool to the touch

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