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Joe Olson

Oct 12, 2023

Dates not sticky


Cuba Libre/Mojito used to keep the date "sticky" when I used it as a filter. So I could set the date range to 1/1/22 to 12/31/22 and search for something and then if search for something new the date would stick. Now it removes that filter each time I search for something, so I have to continually put it back in.

Is this something that could be fixed?


Alan Shurafa

Jun 17, 2022

New Version

LOVE LOVE LOVE This extension. Any plans for an updated version for the new version of Mint?

iLikeTech UR Personal IT Guy

Jun 15, 2022

Updated Version for Updated Mint

Is there an update coming along to work with the new version/interface of Mint?

David Rabenberg

Jun 13, 2022

New UI compatibility

Also just wondering if there's any chance you would be updating this extension to work with the new UI. I hate working in Mint without Mojito!!

Ben B

Jun 10, 2022

Hi! Any chance you can get this working with Mint's New UI? Many Thanks.

Hi! Any chance you can get this working with Mint's New UI? Many Thanks.

Chris Spurrell

May 13, 2022

Maintaining date ranges over multiple pages of transactions

I find the date range function essential. However if I set a date range and return more transactions than the page is set to show (25,50 or 100) when I finish reviewing the first page and then go to the next page, the date range unapplies and I have to go through an awkward process of trying to reapply the date range for the next page worth of transactions. Can you make the date range filter persist over multiple pages of data please???? Thanks!

Kris S.

Feb 1, 2022

February 2022 - looks like Intuit broke your extension :(

Hoping you're still around to fix.. but probably pointless since they're moving to an entirely new layout. Thanks anyway!

Jeff Allen

Jan 21, 2022

Date Range and Category not working

I used to use Mint Date Range Picker; however Chrome Web Store removed it due to some policy violation. I used it to pick dates and then search categories to see how much I'm spending in a certain category over time. When I pick the date in Mojito it applies and then when I search the category, Mint applies the category and removes the date range. I'm new to Mojito, so perhaps I'm doing something wrong. Thank you for the feedback and I look forward to using the application.


Paul Strangio

Nov 22, 2021

Sorting on Mint Overview page, did it get removed?

Hi there,

I've been a longtime user (paid while I could, too). I've enjoyed the features you've had available. Just a quick question with the latest update, did the Sorting by Account Balance feature get removed from the Mint Overview page?

Thanks again, your extension has worked very well for me for a long time.

Take care!


Edwin Endlich

Nov 1, 2021

Date Rage Limitations

I don't seem to be able to search for something like "How much did I spend at Target in September". This query would require me to use a search term AND a date range together. Is that not possible? Every time I try I can only choose one or the other.

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