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Van Kierstead

Apr 12, 2021

can you tell me more of what i have with google chrome?

i am not completly sure of what i did on google chrome?

Meg loja pica pau

May 11, 2020

qual valor para revender produtos no site?

qual valor para revender produtos no site?

Sheilah Prince Hall

Jan 23, 2020


How do I delete all the old alerts?

Bang Dream of Buzz Mitchell

Jan 18, 2020


поддерживает ли приложение русский язык? Спасибо

Cynthia Young

Oct 13, 2019

Can I downloaded on a Mac?

I want to install it on my browser in my Mac but will only be able to do it if I download Chrome. Is that correct? I used to have it on my browser and all the sudden disappear

Jolinda Marshall

Feb 17, 2019

how to accept cookies again

Hi, This app worked great until I decided to clear cookies as I suddenly have popups. When I did it will no longer open and I don't know how to accept cookies without the prompt. Thanks! Jolinda Marshall

Tajah M. Gross, PhD

Feb 23, 2018

How to remove Modesens from Mac Toolbar

This program has been causing my computer to have these weird error messages. I need to uninstall or figure how to remove from my MAcBook?

Please help!

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