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Bill Pratt

Jun 26, 2024

Internal scroll bar not wide enough

The external scroll bar (all the way to the right of the screen) is nice and wide after setting this up, but the internal scroll bar (that appears to the left of the other one) is still too narrow. Also, the controls are confusing to set up. I want one setting to adjust the width of all scroll bars on the screen. Using Chrome on a Mac.

Diceman 2037

May 30, 2024

Causes memory leaks.

When loaded on sites such as mangadex, the extension injects permanent dom references preventing being garbage collectiong from working as intended, over time this builds up with dead references collecting in the tab process till it reaches the 4GB sandbox limit.


Feb 24, 2024

Doesn't work on twitter

So I enable it, personalized it with black and gold colors but when I load twitter the bar is still white with weird gray letters and the scrolling is to slow, even after I change the values to be the fastest possible.

shereef mohammed

Dec 15, 2023

Scrolling the page while hovering on volume bar on Youtube

Bug description:
When on youtube, when you scroll down while hovering over the volume bar, the page scrolls AND the volume is turned down.

Environment: Tested on both brave and edge.

Feature: Special scrolling functions (tested for the mouse only).

Steps to reproduce:
1- Install modern scroll, (this bug was tested on EDGE and CHROME)
2- Turn on "use custom scrolling functions" in the extension settings.
3- Open youtube, hover the mouse on the volume button.
4- Use scroll wheel up and down to control volume.

Expected behaviour: The volume should be turned down only, and the page should not scroll.

Actual result: The volume is turned down, but the page also scrolls (which moves the mouse cursor off the volume bar, and shifts the screen off the playing video).

Work-around: Either turn off special scrolling functions (for the mouse) on all websites, or turn off the entire extension for youtube to avoid this issue.

Note to the devs: I love everything about the extension though!! Keep up the good work <3

Samy Felice

Nov 25, 2023

Constant scroll up and down

For some reason, sometimes the scroll becomes permanently activated and just moving the mouse up and down moves it up and down even though my mouse pointer is not on the scroll bar.

Any solution?

Joseph Caraccio (Jo)

Oct 21, 2023

clicking on scrollbar always scrolls to the top of the page

When using the extension if I click on the scrollbar then pull up or down to scroll, as soon as I release the mouse click it will bring me to the top of the page. This happens even when the option to click the backbar to go to the top or bottom is unchecked. It even happens on sites where it appears the extension isn't active because it doesn't change the appearance of behavior of the scrollbar in any other way.

Ziad Bardissy

Oct 19, 2023

Does not appear

On some websites there would be no scrollbar at all, and it does not appear.
That was on Pinterest, but I remember it happening once before on another website.

X JWill

Sep 5, 2023

Needs option to show single-line scroll arrows at top and bottom of scroll bar.

Needs option to show single-line scroll arrows at top and bottom of scroll bar.

Robert Hosking (The ARCHiTECH)

Jul 15, 2023

web page issues

Extension causing problems on some webpages with a transparent bar travelling up and down the screen and unable to click some links on pages

Vinícius Marques

Jun 13, 2023

Scroll using wheel click on Notion

Clicking with the middle mouse button does not work on Notion. I'm on Linux (Ubuntu 22.04 to be exact) and using Brave Browser. I'm testing it on a regular Notion page. I know there are some quirks about Linux because of the middle click serving as paste, but I also know it is possible to override it with a extension because that is what the extension I'm currently using (AutoScroll) does. Would really appreciate if you could test it on a Linux machine.

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