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Dragomir Ivković

Aug 15, 2023


i cannot start mirroring

Peter Shanks

Jul 14, 2021

Installing mirroring360 sender offline

I work on a blue water research vessel and we have computers that are not connected to the internet. Is there any way to install the sender off-line?

Jill Ferrie

Jun 29, 2021

No mirroring ID

I added the extension to my Chromebook, but the mirror ID field is blank. The Chomebook does not display in my options to mirror and I can't connect via QR code from my iPhone 11 using the Mirroring Assist app.

Eric R

Sep 27, 2020

I cannot connect to the Mirroring 360 Receiver with the Chrome Extension

My Mirroring 360 receiver is running on a FireTV 2 in a different subnet.
I can connect using an iOS device with the Mirroring 360 Assist app with the ID and I can connect using the Mirroring 360 Sender App on a PC with the ID. I cannot connect using the Chrome extension. I switch the box so it is on the same subnet and still cannot connect to it using the Chrome extension. Is there a way I can check a log of some kind? Any help would be appreciated.

Edward Landers

Sep 20, 2020

Chromebook to PC Sound

I want to share the system sound from my Chromebook with the receiving computer. The app lets me select system sound but says it requires root access. I cannot find instructions for giving it the root access to make this work. Help!

Ashley Lawrie

Jun 23, 2020

Cannot Connect

When I attempt to connect my Iphone to my PC through Mirroring Assist, it states that the computer cannot be reached and is probably not on you local area network. I have verified that the wifi network is the same but currently it is an open network and not secured. Could this be the reason it will not connect?

Sharon Hawes

Jan 13, 2020

No longer sending

I have updated with a new product key and validated the pc. But now when I open the chromebook extension, it no longer searches for the receiving pc. It doesn't even give me a box to type in the pc name.

S. L.

Jul 5, 2019

Mirroring to AppleTV

HI Alex.
I really like the app that you made to mirror its impressive. I was trying to mirror my laptop to my apple tv but having some problems connecting. I am using the chrome extension to mirror the screen however when go to the options I do not see anything like a list of applicable devices.

I tried it on my android Samsung S10+ and it works perfectly because as soon as I click on the mirroring360 app a list comes us with the appletv. I select it and it connects perfectly.

So why dont I get the list or see it listed when i click on options from the chrome extension?

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Leslie Wolfe

Jun 5, 2019

Mirroring assist and Mirroring 360

I already had mirroring 360 on my PC. I've been mirroring my iPhone. I decided I wanted to mirror my computer screen so I paid 6.99 for Mirroring assist. I can not get the two to connect to mirror the computer screen. What am I doing wrong?

A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 1, 2019

Mirror from a desktop to a website

We want to take the display from a splashtop enabled desktop and mirror it to a website that can be viewed by the public but that they cannot access anything operating on the original desktop. It is for display purposes only. How do you do this?

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