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John Croft

May 14, 2020

Meet kills Minimalist

Since the Gmail ad for Meet appears in gmail bottom left Minimalist seems to have been disabled

JJ Starr

Apr 4, 2020

You dreamed of a new code. impressive!

I'll be brief, inspiring me thanks! It could be a new applescript power inside the browser and external also anything like fast and yet without boudary like puppetry and effecient. Ciao. P.S. compuethics shoukd pe intefrated unti that unknown reach. Maybe I could get involved. I am a unique original Artist and Comp Sci freelancer. Originanal creators rarely speak.

Jason Howard

Nov 8, 2019


When I add your app and try to goto new module or the dashboard... it says:

Your file was not foundIt may have been moved or deleted.


Jan 11, 2019


no such thing as everything or live in xappx, have or notx, nonerdx

Nathan Anderson

Jan 22, 2018

Importing and cloud sharing not working

I'm trying to move a custom configuration from one computer to another. I get a success message when I click "Upload Data" on the source computer, but the destination computer says "No Data Found". Also, I exporting data from the source computer appears to work as expected, but when I try to import the command text into the destination computer I get a "success" message but the new site does not appear in the configuration menu.


Zuheyr Tahir

Aug 4, 2017

Requests to the server have been blocked by an extension

Additional issue it seems is that add blocking extensions might be blocking this extension too.

Zuheyr Tahir

Aug 4, 2017

Your file was not found

When I try to open minilist dashboard this error comes with the url chrome-extension://bmihblnpomgpjkfddepdpdafhhepdbek/html/options.html

Your file was not found
It may have been moved or deleted.

Marie Drew

Jun 22, 2017

Gmail unread color

My mother is partially blind and about 2 weeks ago your extension started acting up. We have it set so the unread messages are set to green.
Randomly it either unchecks that feature or changes the color.
I have checked her computer for virus's etc but all is ok. I have even signed into her chrome account on my computer and it does it here as well.
Can you help?

John Carver

Jun 7, 2017

Err file not found

Where do I change the dashboard url to /options/index.html to make minimalist execute?

A Chrome Web Store user

Jun 1, 2017

Footer options

Hi.. love your extension. I use Google Labs Preview Pane. When Preview Pane is active (vertical or horizontal), the Footers are not suppressed, even with all check boxes checked. They are suppressed using normal Gmail view. I'm pretty dependent on Preview Pane, but I would like to suppress the Footer markers for Storage, Legal and Account Activity. Is that possible to add or some way I can modify my module to do that? Thanks for any help or advise.

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