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Minimal New Tab Clock

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149 ratings

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Tymoteusz MrózJun 5, 2024

Love it! Sleek, without unnecessary distractions. Possibility to change font would be great, as current font doesn't include latin-ext letters.

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Aidan JalaliDeveloperJun 5, 2024

Hi, and thank you! I've yet to implement the ability to change font with the interface, but if you open developer tools on a new tab (press F12) and go to the console, you can change the font to one of your choosing by typing 'localstorage.bodyFont = "insert font name here"' (without the single quotes) and pressing enter. For example, localstorage.bodyFont = "Arial" will change the font to Arial. You will need the font installed on your machine to use it, and you will have to refresh the page to see your change!

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Akash MenonNov 24, 2021

Perfect. Chrome Sync would make this even better, but I wouldn't say it's necessary.

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Aidan JalaliDeveloperNov 25, 2021

I can't decide if I'd like to do this - I actually like having different colours for my different operating systems! I may add an option in the future.

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Haofei WangNov 11, 2021

Would it be possible to make the tab icon black or at least rounded? The square looks a bit jarring and out of place.

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robert michiganDec 29, 2020

I love the analog clock with the date displayed as well, though it would be perfect if there was a continuous sizing control, perhaps just zoom into new size and it remains, wishful thinking, thx.

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Andrew ToscanoNov 6, 2020

Fantastic extension. So quick and appealing. Any way to hide the second hand? Sometimes it is a little distracting if I want to just take a break and rest on the new tab page.

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Aidan JalaliDeveloperDec 19, 2021

I have added an option to hide the second hand; you should be able to see this in the next few days once Google approve it 😊

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Captain LilacAug 29, 2019

I've used this extension ever since I got my laptop and I simply love it!

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Friimynd ObliviatMay 11, 2019

amazing less is more clock keeps you on time

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Андрей АндросовMar 22, 2019

How to change the time zone? Since March 18 time is 1 hour behind.

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Samuel ButlerJan 20, 2019

Great new tab! Best minimal new tab there is! As a dark theme addict, I love that you can change the color, no more getting blinded every time I open a new tab. One thing I would like to suggest: Exact color codes so I can properly match my theme. I don't like the guessing game I currently have to play.

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Aidan JalaliDeveloperNov 23, 2021

Hi Samuel! I know this is very late off the mark, but the next update to be published will have a hex & hsl input so you can specify exactly what you want.

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A Chrome Web Store userJan 13, 2019

Loads faster than new tab!!

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