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Felipe Fontecilla

Nov 30, 2021

Option to always go back to: Default expanded folder

It would be great if, after having used the extension, when clicking on the extension button you could always go back to the default expanded folder.

Jack Weeks

Nov 16, 2021

Searching Bookmarks

i) typing eg, "bm overdrive" in the address bar, omnibox, ctrl-k box, url box, etc should find some bookmarks
ii) what do you know, it does but only:
a) after restarting chrome
b) as a drop-down list, which disappears when you hit return

You might want to mention the restart fix in the support text.

Since this is such a useful feature for those of us who sometimes (or often) let our bookmarks get out of control, would it be possible for that list to hang around like, as an example, the result of a google search? That would make it more helpful in cleaning up or reorganizing bookmarks.


Oct 4, 2020

Settings for folders closed

I don't understand the Settings. I have 9 folders in my Bookmarks Bar, and when I click MBT, I want to see those 9 folders, *not* opened. But when I select the option to start MBT with folders closed, it shows me only the folder for Bookmarks Bar. If I deselect the option to start MBT with folders closed, it shows me all 9 of my folders PLUS the contents of my last-selected bookmark. How can I get what I want via settings?


Oct 3, 2020


How can I buy you a cup of coffee? The PayPal link from within the app doesn't work...

Mark Salyers

Aug 21, 2020

Alphabetize Bookmarks

I looked for this capability (or something similar) within this extension but couldn't find it. If it's there, please point it out.....if not, how about providing a capability that allows you to enable/disable the following:

1. Alphabetize all bookmarks in all folders.
2. Alphabetize all folders at the top.

Daniel Egner

Jul 29, 2020

Dark theme less black, more dark grey

It is a common mistake to believe that only true black saves power on OLED displays. Real black creates more fatigue to the human eye than a dark grey. This are reasons why meanwhile lots of UI designers no longer prefer the full black. Please consider to change #393939 or something in that range.

Daniel Egner

Jul 29, 2020

Automatic change of theme based on system/browser setting

Please make it possible to change the theme following the system (or the browser) theme. Maybe by the same mechanism like described here

ㅁㅁ (keepclean)

Jun 25, 2020

Nameless folders are not displayed properly.

Folders appear too thin.

Daniel Lorenz

Jun 21, 2020

Ho to create a new folder?

How can I create a new folder ?


Jun 21, 2020

Operating a page jumped with a bookmark and I can't back the page to the previous page.

If I operate to jump a page to the next one with this bookmark tool , I can't back the page to the previous one. This issue occurs to not only Minimal Bookmarks Tree but also other bookmark chrome extensions.

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